Ultimate Beginners Fizz Mid Guide Season 9 – 10 / Tips And Tricks League Of Legends

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  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Reply

    Bro you’re underrated you don’t deserve 3k you deserve a million. This video was so helpful I’ll start playing him as soon as possible. Much Love

  2. Haris Pradhikto Reply

    I just played this game 2 for 2 months coming from dota2 and used to play vlad and leblanc alot when i was learning until a friend of mine recommended this champ, i think i found my main now, nice tips and trick and important information on matchup as well. Cool champion gonna try to hit level 30 before otping this camp for ranked

  3. Lewis Nguyen Reply

    I like to take presence of mind over triumph for mana issues since fizz is highly mobile and can get out without triumph i also take ultimate hunter cos damn i love spamming ulti every thirty seconds

  4. it may be cause im a bit drunk but 2:20 had me crackin up

  5. BeDu ShadowzZ Reply

    Which skin do you think is the best one on fizz? I’m thinking about getting the super galaxy one

  6. Just picked up Fizz and having a lot of fun! Super fun to play after he gets going.

  7. Potato Extreme Reply

    you speak like 10m+ subs youtuber love ur channel keep it up

  8. Ellis Wells Reply

    What is the best CS combo in lane to quickly clear the wave?

  9. Chris Ball Reply

    Your audio does not match the skills you are showcasing.

  10. Zifeng Jiang Reply

    hi im a new league player and i chose to main fizz, but im struggling with landing my R plz help

  11. I personally love to get maximum cdr in runes, because i feel like having the R and especially the E more often is super important in teamfights (for the E or missed R) and to catch peaple more often (R). What do you think about this ? Also i never build the protobelt, i prefer to rush the lichbane and overrate the morello better

  12. thegameboy123 Reply

    Can you go over how to trade to win lane and carry? Good video, thanks.

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