Hey Guys! Welcome to another awesome video. In this video you will discover the top 11 best 5v5 MOBA games of all time for android. Find out which is the best 5v5 MOBA games on android among vainglory, mobile legends, war song, onmyoji arena, heroes evolved, arena of valor, and more. Become amaze with these awesome pc graphics MOBA games for android.

Here are the list of the games and their download links:
11.Heroes Arena

10. War Song

9. Legends Of Glory

8. Extraordinary Ones

7. Legend Of Ace

6. Vagary

5. Heroes Evolved

4. Arena Of Valor

3. Onmyoji Arena


1. Mobile Legends

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  1. AndroidCrave Reply

    Checkout my "New video" Ling MONTAGE hope you'll like it👇👇

  2. its me shin Reply

    Walang wildrift? Hahahahah dapat nilagay na e kahit di pana rerelease.

  3. Murtaza Abidi Reply

    Best Game 5V5 MOBA of all time.. Watch out

  4. Galaxy ASHLEY Gacha Reply

    Mobile legends 💖🐼 please don't trash talk me ok it's only my opinion 🐼💖

  5. Elementrix YT Reply

    Vainglory was a nice game, sad to see it being reduced to its core. Well atleast they're giving it to the community for it to stay alive.

    I believe LoL will surpass VG because of VG's poor marketing, but marketing takes money so that's why it isnt well known.

    It's uniqueness is actually very nice, one of the MOBA's on mobile which actually uses tap controls.

  6. valtryek edits Reply

    Can anyone tell me the best Moba game for 1gb ram that can work perfectly with stuttering and lag

  7. Sean Gallardo Reply

    Who's here because they want another better moba because mobile legends is so laggy

  8. Try this moba game it's the best

  9. ชนาวิทย์ พินเจริญ Reply

    Hero evolved is just a shi* more update is kill them self

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