Top 10 New ZOMBIE Games of 2020 | PS4, PC, XBOX ONE (4K 60FPS)

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00:01 Dying Light 2 – 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE
01:25 Rainbow Six Quarantine -TBA 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE
02:28 The Last of Us Part 2 – February 2020 | PS4
06:13 Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Feb 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE
07:36 Project Resistance – TBA 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE
10:05 Back 4 Blood – TBA 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE
11:56 Synced: Off-Planet – 2020 | PC
14:00 The Black Masses – TBA | PC
15:32 BEYOND DEATH – 2020| PC
18:26 Undying – TBA 2020 | PC

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  1. Gus Wellington Reply

    Dying light 1 was fuckin legit. I been waiting for another.

  2. Dying Light 2 or how i would call it Assassins Creed: Apocalypse

  3. Kevin Trumpf Reply

    since 25 fucking years ZOMBIE games? isn t there something else?

  4. Erik Iacopelli Reply

    REALLY SUCKS!!! U have no idea how bad I wanted the last of us 2 for sjw to ruin it. 🙁 u fucked up the whole thing. It could have been a GREAT game like the first one. Smh I REALLY hope the original ppl re make part 2 into the story it should have been. I could careless shes gay that's NOT a problem wit me AT ALL!! Just do NOT ruin a game cuz ur trying to be like yea it was me that made this a sjw game. Put the ppl that made the first one on it and LEAVE THEM ALONE!! They know wat they r doing

  5. Of all these titles, the Resident Evil one looks the worst… Wow. Did they actually release that footage? Also, several of these titles were ZOA prior to the publication of this video.

  6. I'm not sure why you included Beyond Death, as that game became a zombie itself prior to this publication of this video. It unfortunately didn't last long.

  7. Dean Fellabaum Reply

    These all look pathetic compared to Dead Matter. Which granted isn't being released until 2021- it'll just be in closed alpha this year.

  8. Nobody in his/her right mind would buy The Last of Us Part 2 after what we know about it and how ND/Sony acted.

  9. dying light 2 is gonna have microtransactions in it im calling it

  10. alexander arkum Reply

    The last of us 2 lost my money because of its political agenda

  11. Where the F O O K is Dead Matter? Only the most promising survival game we've seen all century

  12. The black masses is like dying light and world war z combine together

  13. Code Greywater Reply

    You forgot to mention Dead Matter chief, an actual decaying world is something truly unique after all

  14. SkullGamer 35 Reply

    Where is dead matter? That game looks WAY better than the Burner games here.

  15. DerZeppterdesAldi Reply

    the last game seems interesting it kinda reminds me of Walking Dead from telltale series.

  16. Mikey Jenkins Reply

    The virus really did tear society apart in the name of social distancing.

  17. TomSuntotheMax Reply

    I am so damn sick of zombies.  Can't you game people come up with something more interesting to kill?

  18. he mentioned resident evil Resistance But No Resident evil 3 remake

  19. they finally did it, games have never been this gorgeous but boring in the same time lol

  20. Jayden The bomb Reply

    They could add features like you can use cars to make nosies to attract the zombies

  21. 1mil subs without videos Rhino Reply

    When Joel said “ You think I would let you do this alone?” I felt that 😭

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