Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
Thumbnail & Opening Game List by Jack Coster:
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Music List (In-Order):
Circle of Dust – Neophyte (Zeromancer Remix) [Instrumental]
Michiel Van Den Bos – BotPack#9
Rom Di Prisco & Jesper Kyd – Mechanism Eight (UT3 Mix)
Akihiko Narita – Boiling Rage (RE6 OST)
Mega Drive – NARCS
David Buckley – Liberty Wall (COD: Ghosts OST)
David Buckley – Federation Base
Celldweller – Solaris
Brian Tyler – Knife Edge (NFS: The Run OST)
Brian Tyler – Fail
Brian Tyler – Epic Race 2
Taku Iwasaki – Overdrive (JoJo OST)
Toby Fox – Spider Dance
David Clynick – Laboratory Rescue [Stealth] (PD:Z OST)
Alexander Brandon & Todd Simmons – Templar Compound (DE: IW OST)
EDISON – El Sol se Recuesta (Black Lagoon OST)
The Anix – Black Space

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  1. I fucking loved Alpha Protocol when i palyed it on 360. finished it. Recently tried to play it on PC and i just don't remember it being this buggy! I must've been really into it.

  2. After watching this, i researched, desired, ordered a no resale promotional copy for peanuts, busted out the 360, hated the gameplay, got used to it, got involved in the storytelling and loved it. I loved all the story elements and sarcastic and psychopathic dialogue, using the dossiers and the if not one, THE most diverse choice systems. I hope it gets a remake.

  3. Владимир Кириков Reply

    One of my favorite games is Bullet Witch and well… it's fucking trash.

  4. A Jojo Part 2 song combined with the transition into Alpha Protocol….
    Thank you Raycevick. You're a man of the people.

  5. 26:29 I make fun of my friend because he loves target. Like the store. I dont know what’s wrong with him.

  6. My god cods environments just bleed into each other, I can't tell what's what. Just shoot and hope you hit something. Shits whack

  7. Zigzagd4life Reply

    I love videos like this. They often expose the problem that is people buying things solely on praise rather than their own interest. Probably my personal worst game I enjoy is Vampire's Rain. I acknowledge that it's horrid. I also found a ton of enjoyment in beating the game multiple times and playing the multiplayer with friends on xbox live. There's just something about jumping 60 feet in the air as a vampire in an online game that speaks to me.

  8. Uhgly Lizard Reply

    I have similar feelings with the 'Oblivion Killer', Two Worlds. A game that launched to a near universal thrashing due to it lackluster everything, and yet it's a game that I've sunk a good amount of hours into purely because it's a fun mindless romp that's easy to make jokes about. The laughably bad voice acting, the extreme jank, and fact that the game is very easy to break honestly just adds to the charm of the game. It probably will never get the same amount of time out of me as Oblivion did, but it's a game I don't regret picking up when I did, at all.

  9. why wasn't call of duty ghosts stealth based? because that's what that title screams to me or some reason.

  10. I would love to see you review and visit C&C Renegade from 2002,I don't know how many people here played it but i think its a pretty enjoyable game that got overshadowed by the fact it was a FPS game.

  11. Anderson Touchdown Reply

    Dmc: devil may cry. The worst devil may cry game ive ever played, but also the best hack and slash ive ever played.

  12. I mean, I enjoyed the Last Jedi, so I guess you're right (though, it doesn't work as a star wars movie. It works more as a standalone)

  13. The only reason why I had any attention to Call of Duty: Ghosts, CAUSE I FUCKING HATED RORKE! Cheesiest antagonist in the whole COD series.

  14. Special Guest Erik Reply

    Oh man. Alpha Protocol is AMAZING. Go full Martial Artist and you're blitzing around like the Flash pistol-whipping tanks to death. So broken. So good.

  15. Infinite Warfare is such an underrated game. If it released before BO3 it wouldnt have garnered as much hate

  16. I'll be surprised if a game like nuclear throne or darkest dungeon aren't on here.

  17. medigilclafouti Reply

    You should play Drakengard (the first one) one of the finest examples of a bad game that is actually good but still bad!

  18. Jacob Rendall Reply

    Remember that one week where boneworks was released and for some reason everyone fucking hated it and refunded it and now its got mostly positive on steam like nothing happened?? I assume the people that left the bad reviews kind of just stopped playing

  19. Dustin The Destroyer Reply

    I always liked Ghosts. I was actually surprised to find out everyone hated it.

  20. British Bacon Reply

    I'd like to see you do a video on Singularity, I think it's underrated

  21. Kona DragoNOS Reply

    I loved how you used some of the Black Lagoon soundtrack towards the end. I honestly loved that anime for many reasons, but I'd be here forever if I dissected them

  22. Nondescript Wastrel #483 Reply

    This is kind of how I still feel about Killing Floor… the first one, that is. Everything is perfect in just the right balance for a particular type of person.

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