This is the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe! OK, so it’s more of a facelift than an all-new car, but that doesn’t mean the new E-Class isn’t impressive! On the exterior, it’s absolutely gorgeous (just like its predecessor), and it receives a whole host of interior updates, including what may be the most comfortable seats in any car… EVER! Are we looking at the new king of luxurious coupes? Stick with Mat and find out!

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  1. Harry Huang Reply

    Lmao no, looks so ugly and looks so cheap as well, clearly Mercedes is just going the cost cutting and cost saving route. Very disappointing, honestly really disgraceful what they’re doing to their customers and the Mercedes brand

  2. Metodija Miloseski Reply

    Wow, this new Renault Laguna Coupe looks awesome, first engines from Dacia and now a body from Renault!

  3. Dave Crawley Reply

    That front end, grille, bonnet and lights are a backward step. Looks like a Crossfire.

    The interior looks like a tarts bedroom.

    No dice.

  4. Love the current E Coupe. I’m loving the new one even more!! Looks like a AMG GT63 S!!! Thanks For the Review

  5. When the sexiest car in the world is German, it means that there’s something wrong 🙂

  6. MoviesClipOfficial Reply

    Me : watch the video
    Me : search the price
    Me : cries….😭😭😭😭😭

  7. I personally don’t like what they’ve done to the Mercs now. The C Class and A class and stuff are alight but he bigger boys like the E and S look horrible. The 17-19 versions are well nice in my opinion. These though, look dull as a winter sky. I like the grill but the lights are too small. The strips on the ones now look well more aggressive.

  8. David Williams Reply

    The fact Mat know's that wood and leather can be found at a fetish party is defo suspicious. Kinky confirmed.

  9. Stas Como estas Reply

    I love this car, I did brilliantly video clip on this Mercedes-Benz on my YouTube channel

  10. Malhaar Khaladkar Reply

    Why did you put the video of Lexus ES when Mat said Lexus LS!!

  11. Benjamin Dover Reply

    lots of nice features and… breakable compoments. i'm all for tech but analog designs are more long lasting

  12. Is the E-class the ultimate luxury coupé? No, because the Bentley Continental GT is. Is the E-class a nice luxury coupé? Yes.

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