TERA TERA TERA the free-to-play MMORPG that’s now available on multiple platforms. It’s been a while, so, I decided to step into the PC version and see how the game is doing. How’s the experience for a returning/noob player in 2019?? 🤔

Well, let’s find out 😀

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  1. Haven't played for ages. Last time I looked at it I found that all my characters had been deleted in a server merge. RIP my reaper. I'm almost tempted to create a new account and start again but the thought of another server merge killing them all off again is a bit off putting!

  2. I Draw 4FUN Reply

    Ive tried it on console last year, the worst experience ever, I found it incredibly boring and generic, whats the appeal?

  3. Magdalena c Reply

    I loved Tera, mostly for mechanics, non-target system, quests, dungeons, it was great, when it was fresh ! 🙂 Now not so…, in this year, when I downloaded this game again, after 3 years ? or so ? I quickly uninstalled this trash 🙂

  4. DesolatePsyche Reply

    one of a rare occasion MMOs where I actually reached End-game.. it's fun mmo with fun combat. (i were playing Elin lancer) … but around when I stopped playing (will return eventually if game won't be dead by then) was indeed.. queue times.. for some reason population in that game did fade a lot…

    gameforge prolly had pay2win aspect.. but I did enjoy game for few hundred hours without spending a cent. (did buy later on some sort of package tho. Extra char slot, more inv space and some other random gooes.)

  5. Link Baothman Reply

    so like the community of Tera is fking the worst comm there possibly ever is in mmorpgs

  6. hi guys, i've decided to just start out TERA on steam. any advices pls? or better mmorpg that can be played free?

  7. That dungeon you ran at 11:00 , didn't that use to be a 20 man raid?

  8. im just searching for the best mmo game to begin with tbh idk what to expect cuz this might be my first game

  9. sagittaruis.04 gaming Reply

    downloading now. It looks fun ad awesome.. I will try this on my own only.. hehehehe thanks for this video.

  10. That fucking moment you got in a dungeon with your group, and you suddenly fucking crash (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  11. Genderlock and race locked classes are the reason i refuse to play this game.

  12. hmmm ''Tera content is still difficult''… what do you mean?! the random lags, disconnecting, desynching and freezings? – yeah, then I agree. And i like your positive attitude ''fk them whatever they say if you like the game etc'', but lets face it – Tera is dead because the servers are poorly handled and badly supported. Some players left due to unethical competition and the rest got annoyed by the amount of pointless grinding. And all that said by someone who loves the game, just I hate how they are maintaining it and slowly killing it. And since the COVID quarantine was up, there were many players who returned to the game -> servers overflowed and started dying! Tera 2020 – unfortunately, I will not recommend it to anyone. RIP Tera Online!

  13. tera new update https://muacash.com/tin-tuc-chung/-tera-phat-hanh-ban-cap-nhat-them-nhieu-noi-dung-moi2.html

  14. Potatoest Life Reply

    I used to love this game
    But now.. its utter shit
    You skip maps
    You level up too fast
    Favorism towards elin is ridicuous
    I think they have BP too now
    Super greedy like in steam they give free mount as a gift.. surprise surprise it expires in 7 days
    Everythings for 7 days
    Whenever they make race tied classes ELIN ALWAYS gets it as their own
    Only "exclusive" classes are reaper and ninja ONLY FOR elin
    They fill your backpack with random non usable items
    Most items are trash
    Once over specific level cap you need to physically go stand next to the DNG door (you go over the instances lvl limit you cant long distance wait for instance) to enter it but finding a group can take forever

    I used to play tera for 4 years when it came out

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