THE GOLDEN DAYS! I’m playing Career Mode on FIFA 12 and it feels sooooooo good…

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  1. Bikertyke 1965 Reply

    Is this worth buying for £2 off cdkeys. On PC. Will it run on modern PC via origin ?

  2. Oluwanifemi Ojo Reply

    Niran:I've conceded 4 goals to one Slovenian man, has anyone even done that before?
    Valencia:Hold our beer.

  3. Jon Tah Seow Reply

    recently i installed fifa 12 from orgin , but i dunno cant load . stuck at loading screen(


    As a Kenyan, i'd like to fully express my gratitude for our inclusion😪 and demand more of the same in future fifa titles😤🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️

  5. leykun habtamu Reply

    Why did u pick Ethiopia? Idk if i should be excited or concerned.

  6. Looks more fun than this year. No drag backs, no momentum, heading works…

  7. Mojtaba Otoukesh Reply

    Niran you can be player manager in fifa 20 or 19 or 18 you just gotta retire and you will be manager

  8. ghost20111000 Reply

    «Weird russian team»: about the club where Eto’o played (Anzi). In Russian we think the same way ahah. Btw the club has already closed because of no money

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