Today we’re revisiting FIFA 12, but was this the greatest FIFA game released this decade?

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We’ll be taking a look through the various options that were available back in FIFA 12, comparing this game to FIFA 20 Career Mode, and even checking out some FIFA 12 career mode gameplay to see if this game is still fun to play 8 years after its initial release.

Has FIFA career mode improved much in the past 8 years, was this the best FIFA career mode ever made, and what exactly is different about this game when compared to the FIFA career mode experience that we have today in FIFA 20? Let’s give the game a look and let’s find out!

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  1. Frustrated ___ Reply

    I'm a total noob at this game.. I don't even know how to do skills😂😂😂

  2. Juan Valdez Reply

    Lol I recently played retro fifa 12 it’s cool but might try fifa 14 again

  3. yoboi nicossman Reply

    Is it just me or older games were so much more challenging

  4. Bhabha Mthembu Reply

    dropping down to professional i"m lough out loud loooooool

  5. Alfredo Ruelas Reply

    Good memories fifa 12 for me was the best fifa of the decade and also the graphics still good actually.

  6. Mangesh Shinde Reply

    & here I’m still on FIFA 08 😍 the best ever of last decade

  7. Andres Segovia Reply

    How Nani was always rated higher than Valencia is a mystery to me…

  8. TheMrMantequilla Reply

    I miss the virtual pro and creation center. Haven’t bought a fifa game in 3 years. Don’t see myself going back anytime soon

  9. blue lining Reply

    I remember it being very technical. Certainly my favourite

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