Showing some of the most perfect headshots at Sniper 3D – the popular sniper game available for Android and iPhone.

Some of the guys are standing behind one another, so it was easy to get them even killed with one shot. When the marine scout sniper says “one shot, one kill”, he meant something by it. But in this game play I show you how to kill two birds with one stone: one shot, two kills!

You can see here three of my best game plays are recorded here. Especially the one with the 5 guys just lying there is funny. They were all lined up, so it was an easy game play here.

I think I like the graphic very much. It’s a good body simulation for a 3d sniper shooting game and and well rendered.You can see: the body fall is pretty realistic – and the gravitation has been made very good as well. Playing it with your thumb maybe a little difficult due to the fact that you have to aim through the scope while the people are running. And when you run out of screen, you just have to replace your thumb.

This sniper game is free by the way. You have a couple gameplays and then have to wait until next time. Of course if you don’t want to wait, you just have to buy some credits through the iTunes or Google Play store. It’s a great sniper shooter game for 2017.


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