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In your childhood, did you dream of seeing a hobgoblin? Now your dream has come true! Little talking #Booba is waiting for you to visit! Hurry to play with him. And he will thank you with the kindest emotions and good mood. Take care, talk to him, feed him – he will be just happy! Feel yourself as a caring parent. Hobgoblin Booba will be your very real friend.

Who is Booba

This is a talking pet, which has its own house, a large farm and many talents. The main ones are the amazing humor and positive mood, which he gives to everyone around him. Sometimes he is naughty and naughty. After all, he, like a small child, who is so eager for knowledge! Even the most ordinary thing can be a great exciting adventure for him. A small, naive and kind Booba will be the perfect creature you want to take care of and your children’s best friend. It is interesting both with children from 3 years old and with adults.

How to play:

1. Take care of your house-keeper – put him in nice clothes, put him to bed on time, wash in the morning and cook him tasty breakfasts;
2. Communicate with the housekeeper – the talking pet will repeat everything you say;
3. At your disposal will be a farm where you have to grow different varieties of vegetables, berries and fruits. You will be feeding them Bubu, the house-boy loves this kind of food;
4. Experiment. Cross plants between each other. Try growing a pumpkin or salad melon. Gardening with Booba is not only exciting, but also funny!
5. Have fun with your pet, playing exciting and funny games.

And when you get tired of experiments and games with this little funny man, watch cartoons with Booba. All cartoons about Booba, you can watch online or download them to your phone. Such cartoons will be available to you at any time of the day or night, even without the Internet. After all, watching Booba cartoons is so much fun!



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    Класна гра сніміть ще 07.06.2020рік

  2. De bugs bunny Reply

    I'm not sure why nobody thinks this is scary or unsettling looking?

  3. miras jide Reply

    Буба деген мал,
    Қартайған шал
    Гамми тәуір одан
    Буба, ел-жұртқа ұнама


    Another reaction of MTT.

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