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  1. Bunneh's cookies Reply

    Why people said that AOV is better than MLBB and they also say ML is copied but ML was the first moba -_-

  2. D2Ş MAKİNESİ Reply

    Çok iyi video olmuş tebrikler. Oyun videolarını seviyorsanız benim sayfamada göz atabilirsiniz. Şimdiden teşekkürler.

  3. sewan uchiha Reply

    lol ml has 100million downloads AOV IS STILL IN 10milllion keep trying with those graphics in 2020

    #the worst rip off in the world

  4. 😭😭😭Arena of Valor has very less player in our server SA , I only play bot matches, I play both but I'll return to Mobile legends to fight toxic people caz ya know revenge , We all have once played mobile legends and met that one person who swears and report is because he was busy obese ring not. Doing good and lost whole team , 🙁 I don't wanna be a bad boy but I can't get that harraser out of my mind , I told ya so that you know how toxic are Moba, be sure to be prepared , if you take others word into heart , don't engage them , avoid toxic ppl

  5. AOV is hard a but fun , and don't worry about toxic people cause I'm used to such things, I suggest ML for people who like easy Moba but can handle toxic team , AOV for those who hunger for mathematical tactics and hungry graphics .

  6. Les 2 sont très similaires, au final c'est juste une question de feeling avec le jeu. Mais les skins de Mobile Legends donnent des avantages en game alors bon :/ Arena of Valor est mieux !

  7. សោម រិទ្ធារុង Reply

    ITS pretty obvious that BOTH of them copied MARIO.

  8. Harry Nguyen Reply

    Aov is much closer to LOL and the game plays is much more professional compared to ML (I played both games)

    Mobile Legend is the first and only MOBA game that players don’t knows shit about WHAT LANES THEY SUPPOSED TO GO.

    The Marksman just try to Mid when then supposed they supposed to go Bot, the mage go Top when they supposed to go mid.

    => ML doesn’t follow any orders or rules

  9. KkripticzZ . Reply

    im gonna try Aov ranked and Ml ranked to see which is harder and obviously ill play atleast 10-20matches each
    As a result this is now edited after 2weeks and i think AoV is easier than Ml since i got Platinum in AoV in a week from bronze up
    For Ml it was much trickier as ive only Made it to Epic rank from bronze and it was a struggle so thats my experience

  10. Daevon Byrdie Reply

    I just started both games and so far I’m like arena of valor a lil better. But I like mobile legends too.

  11. Avishkar Wadiyar Reply

    I have played both the games and other moba games like Lol and was decent in ranking. To get the real Moba feel u should play Arena of Valor, Mobile legends is like casual moba tbh. I have seen from right through low ranks in AoV Junglers jungle, mid is mostly mage and 1 sup and 1 mm at single lane and 1 tank in other. In Mobile legends all roam like mad max furry no moba feel.

  12. filter feeder Reply

    AoV: I'm Better!
    ML: No, I am better!
    LoL: (bursts through wall) Sup bitches what are we talking about again?

  13. In terms of gameplay ML is king than any other mmorpg games and AOV is very close, AOV looks better than ML when it comes to heroes or how their skills look. And ML has many heroes and some really difficult to use heroes the worst thing about ML is it's server in our area. It just keeps lagging

  14. chlowless chan Reply

    I'm just saying that AOV is a copycat not gonna lie because their just the same, mobile legend is the first one released in July 11 2016 in AOV its November 30 2016 so mobile legend is the first so that means AOV is copying mobile legends skills am I right?

  15. Anonymous Dude Reply

    I think Mobile legends map look beautiful than AOV.Also Mobile legends' s hero look pretty.

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