Lionel Messi’s best dribbling skills, goals, assists & passes during this 2016-2017 season in 1080p Full HD. He simply is UNSTOPPABLE!
He has really been important for Barcelona and his national team this season, scoring crucial goals and delivering amazing performances in the big games. All hail our savior LEO MESSI!

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Hope you enjoyed this video, help me improve by leaving your opinions in the comments section. Visca El Barca!


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  1. kings of football Reply

    Do you love messi check this

  2. Messi is the gift of football world from GO😍😍👍👍

  3. Bob De bouwer Reply

    We are all blessed that WE our generation can see messi play!

  4. Footbàll Plàtform Reply

    Messi Ronaldo debate is worthless.Watching single video, anyone can distinguish who is the G.O.A.T .

  5. Ifeadi Ofokansi Reply

    Messi is amazing…… but those commentators need to go!!🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  6. Munir Awan Reply

    Messi is the best in the world
    Thanks guys I like your comments

  7. Sarkhanovs Reply

    This is my first video editing. I ask you to support me in this so that I can get motivation and continue to do more for you.

  8. Hamza Gulroz Reply

    "he does not scores the goal…
    He creates the goal".

  9. Mr. SazzanYt Reply

    Best player 'M€$$I'
    This type player can't find in history or coming generation.

  10. Jason Beck Reply

    Every time he scores he sets records. Jesus man. This guy cant be stopped. I'm willing to bet. He will hit close to 1000 goals before he retires

  11. Rios Woolridge Reply

    2020 y aún sigo viendo este video, el sonido y la trayectoria del video es increible. Messi nunca debe retirarse , es el mejor lejos de todo el mundo

  12. David Mendoza Reply

    Estos tiempos ya nunca volverán extraño estos tiempos me emocionaba mucho cada partido que jugaba 🙁

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