Overview of Leo Messi: Skills, Dribbling, Goals, Assists, Free kicks, etc. In 2014/2015 season with FC Barcelona.
Apps: 57 Goals: 58 Assists: 28
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  1. Guy's really, don't argue with tapinnaldians NEVER! why you ask? I'll tell yah: tapinnaldians are either Portugese, madrid fan (im a madrid fan too). But i went to school and im a football fan in general and a footballer myself so i know how to rank a player, and i'll tell yah. There was never a debate… Never… Manchester ronaldo cam more close then now but messi has always been miles ahead of him. All the respectin the world for messi from a madrid fan👍

  2. Felipe Oliveira Reply

    Melhor de todos os tempos 🥺❤️ cara nunca nunca veremos um igual a esse nunca

  3. Kalp Kumud Kumar Reply

    He had better 2019 and 2017 but didn't win UCL because barca is in serious lack of wingers and midfielders .

  4. Jorge Sanchez Reply

    Tenías un vídeo con la misma canción pero era de Neymar, que a pasado con el, aún lo tienes en tu canal?

  5. #

    HI, I'm making a Youtube video and I need this video's music.

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  6. Niraj Odedra Reply

    messi is still playing at the same level of 2015 but barcelona are not😢

  7. Tinha como tirar a champions desse barça de 2015 não, era um melhor que o outro, timaço do crl

  8. Rynaldo aldi Reply

    Best player in the world
    1. Lingard
    2. Injurid lingard
    3. Messi
    4. Injurid messi
    5. Drunk messi
    6. C.ronaldo

  9. Andy Himejima Reply

    Pele: No puede ser el mejor si no mete goles de cabeza
    Messi: 6:35 A quien le dices eso? bro

  10. Omar Martínez Balderas Reply

    No tengo dudas, es un gran trabajo tuyo, muy bien editado, felicidades

  11. Lionel Messi Reply

    Messi meu idolo pra sempre não importa o que aconteça ganhando ou perdendo sempre será minha inspiração

  12. Marcus Clements Reply

    Soooooooooooooo right💪👍🏾🎶🤟🏾😋😋🤛🏾

  13. الخيل و الليل Reply

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