Let’s Play FIFA 17 Episode 1 “How To Start” FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Road To Glory.
In This Episode Of FIFA 17 RTG I Build My First Cheap Premier League Team & Open Some New FIFA 17 Packs. I Also Show You How To Redeem Free Coins & Win Your First Games Easy.
Can We Smash 2,000 Likes For More Let’s Play FIFA 17?

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“FIFA 17 Let’s Play” Is a FIFA 17 Ultimate Team gameplay series showing you how to start FIFA 17 by building your squad from scratch and working your way up like classic RTG / Road To Glory. I’ll help you with FIFA 17 tips and tricks along the way. I’ll also teach you how to make coins the best & easiest ways possible trading with different methods. There will be lots of FIFA 17 pack openings as well because I unlock 1 pack every season division points I win. I’ll be showing you how to defend, how to attack, how to use skill moves, how to score long shots, how to take effective corners & free kicks.

Series Objective:
– Win Division 1 in under 89 games played

Packs To Unlock:
– Win = 3x 7.5k Gold Packs
– Draw = 1x 7.5k Gold Pack
– Loss = 1x 5k Gold Pack

Nguồn: https://11kicks.com

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  1. Dabbing Dude Who Dabs Reply


  2. I suck ass at FUT 17. I barely got to division 8 lmao. I just don't understand how people who are a month into the game have a great squad all gold and great chemistry while I have a shitty team. I have no fifa points at all and no coins too lol. I just started a week ago and I have 18 losses. Please someone help

  3. VFL Ederson Reply

    Sell hunter Chem for 2-3k because someone will buy it.

  4. Harry Smith Reply

    Right at the end he almost put a Celtic kit in 😵😵😵😵😵😵

  5. Alex for life Reply

    you buy a good amount of pack it will make your team better

  6. Rauf Khalilov Reply

    Man you are playing too fast, relax)))) lets see it how it's going ))

  7. Geordie Savage Reply

    I've got soooo bored of FIFA 17 I've went and bought PES 17

  8. CameronLeePlays Reply

    Either buy schmeical or fabianksi or karius. My favourite is schmeical.

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