What do you think, is Tera worth playing in 2019, as a new seasoned or veteran player?

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  1. Jewel Ramsahai Reply

    Buddy up code Cammie.Ann#4472 if anyone decides to come play after watching this video

  2. Personally I love a lot of the content, but I could really do without all the "fan service" and the world and city art is a little to bright and flashy for my liking. I've been really interested in the game-play of this game for a long time but this is a huge deterrent to me getting into the game.

  3. Why can't you just use the cursor to walk like most mmorpgs? I found so confusing the cursor situation. Anyone got any tips please?

  4. Yes, indeed, the servers were merged, because of dwindling populations…when I returned to TERA I found that my account was destroyed by En Masse when they arbitrarily moved my account to a PvP server. I don't do PvP…never have, never will. So, all the time, effort, and money that I put into the game was ruined (ney, stolen!) by En Mass! So, yeah…fuck you video guy, and fuck them, too!

  5. On PC it's defiently not worth anymore. PvE is fine, PvP not. I left Tera and rejoin many times, still had fun every time. But yesterday I joined again and after the server merge pvp + pve and the classic event, it's completely dead. People need to make LFG to pop CS and even that needs hours for full 2 raids. Can't even up my gear without farming pve, cuz bgs won't pop. Also pve gear is better in pvp then pvp gear itself. I don't know what happend in this game…

    If u want to meet old friends and make some duels it's still fun, enjoy it.

    If focus pve, enjoy it.

    If u focus pvp, look for other games with same combat agility then Tera. Oh wait, there's no other game. And no, BaS ist totally diffrent.

  6. I played tera religiously for a long time and slowly bhs just ruined it. I finally gave up playing entirely after the last server merge when I lost all of my character names. After playing since the very first beta I was infuriated removed the game from my computer and encouraged all my friends to do the same. None of us have touched the game since. A shame since all of us easily spent 2-5 hundred dollars a month on loot boxes and cosmetics. Bhs and en masse ruined tera and with the way tera is going there will be no tera 2

  7. massimo amoretti Reply

    El juego se volvio muy repetitivo , por eso prefiero black desert

  8. it's been 9 fucking years and I can't play it because the devs are fucking stupid and don't launch globally

  9. I liked the game but I got bored playing alone but now two mates of mine got the game so I decided to give it ago again on xbox one and I like it

  10. wow that was a big pile of shit.
    all i hear is the usuall new content that every online game needs to keep interesting. no reworks or important fixes …

    btw if you want you can play it p2w, you can just buy the best items and stuff with real money. there are scrolls in the shop to remove the soulbound from items so ppl can sell them. do you still need the mats from the store to enchance your weapons so you don't need to farm them for months? they actually nerfed and the removed these items from the usual farm spots just to but them in the store.

    they had to merge the servers bc so many people left blueballs and went to the us publisher, willing to sacrifice their progress and the higher ping just to get away from this shit publisher.
    i am sure many people are happy that they can play now a elin gunner, bc 90% of these creeps playing a elin anyway. if you want to play the pvp seriously, you have to switch to elin anyway.

    i was addicted to this game and played it before it was even released and it just could not hold me with that shit it turned into. for good i guess
    there is so much wrong in this game, they will never fix it. just new content to keep the machine running. a new mmo is comming out anyway. it is called air and will be published from blueballs too.

  11. Terra is going to be my first mmo as I seem to be craving this type of adventure and I hope it pays off. But I am excited to hop into my first game session

  12. Arithel Rosethorne Reply

    the game is trash now in December I had tried to fucking download it and the launcher I got to like 38.90% before the download froze on me. so I had to exit it and then when I tried to update it then it would get stuck at the same thing this time was 39.40%

  13. I can't explain why, but I tried this game and I just don't like it. Maybe when neverwinter dies I'll try it again and put more time into it.

  14. February 2019 921<—-when this video was made October 2019 average players now —-> 496 now this sucks because this game had such good potential the combat system was great the gender locking was bad removal of old dungeons wasn't enjoyed the story line was quite immerse for a mmo it wasnt pay to win open world wise there was lack of content tho i do hope they try to make a tera 2 and learn from the first's mistakes 10/10 for my experience playing it

  15. Adony Francisco Reply

    When said server is he talking about PC mixed with PS4 ? All in one

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