Recently I have had a few people ask me how to sell items like PUBG crates on Steam.
So here is a quick video explaining the basics of selling items like Trading Cards and game items/skins etc on the Steam Community Marketplace.

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Thanks for watching.


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  1. tried to sell it but due to the phone sync and shit,i got blocked for 15 day 😭😭

  2. even if i confirm with my phone it still say that my item is suspended…

  3. stephen giovano Reply

    Bro, i want to ask, if i press sell button, i straight got my money or i wait my item bough by person?

  4. Hono Huudari Reply

    when i confirm the items on my phone they just go to the hold

  5. My item is on my listing on hold why is not on my sell listing pls answerr im anew i was a crackef gamer
    Sorry for the bad english

  6. John Tsiripidis Reply

    That last tip man, they didnt say about it and I was wondering why I cant sell instantly, thanks man that helped a lot.

  7. Nightmare GAM3R Reply

    someone gives a steam key on your group i tried it and i get outlast 2 for free

  8. IsaiahGwapoo Reply

    got a phone now and i just need to wait a few more days till i can sell some stuff and earn money :>

  9. snipsdagre8 Reply

    1 more thing. Certain items sell for more than the given amount don't always sell for buy orders unless it's a bad item. otherwise u r ought to find buyers

  10. Vivek Dasgupta Reply

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know anything about making money by selling cards on steam. That really helped. Also will the money be transfered to my bank or on my steam wallet?

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