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  1. kenji reyes Reply

    can link my account please help. or give me a dummy account please i want to play dota 1 badly. i follow all the steps but it keeps me redirecting to the front page of rgc log in page

  2. every time i press download on the map downloader, it does not download but instead its finding a file or something, please help me i wanna play already

  3. i miss dota 1, now i cant use garena plus anymore to play dota1

  4. Jonh Mark Azul Reply

    boss bat pag clinic ko yung dowload nag hahanap siya ng file ? ano dapat gawin dun ? https://youtu.be/Y1zjF_zjdB4?t=249

  5. Samgyup Gamers Reply

    Can you also play other mods/maps online? Like Element TD or Tower Defence etc.

  6. Silentory 168 Reply

    Hi bro, number in box តូចៗ of color green in menu ng tver mex ban?

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