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In this video I wanted to discuss how you can make money playing PUBG. Even if you play PlayerUnknown’s Battleground casually for a few hours a week you can make a decent number of Battle Points and if you were to tactically buy crates and sell them in the steam market you can make a few dollars every week.
This money can then be used to buy some games during the steam sales.
I look at these crates as trading cards, only difference here is you can buy them using in game points and sell them for a little real money.
I will discuss my strategy and how little by little every week you can not only make your money back but also have some extra.

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  1. Low Budget Gaming Reply

    *There may have been an error with the costs I mentioned for buying crates with BP. These seem to be the costs:
    First crate: 700 BP
    Second crate: 1,400 BP
    Third crate: 2,800 BP
    Fourth crate: 4,200 BP
    Fifth crate: 5,600 BP
    Sixth crate: 7,000 BP

    Not sure if I was misinformed or if the prices changed. However my point of not buying more than 3 remains valid.

  2. may be i should sold my m4 ticktock skin, which i got it for free

  3. Knochenbrigade Reply

    For some time i thought you can make real money with steam (Like with Entropia Universe). But you just get virtual creds for games you can't transfer to anywhere. I cried.

  4. Tejas Patel Reply

    Sir, which stream do we need to play pubg and please tell me pubg repuirments

  5. SphinxtechGMOD Reply

    I never personally buy the third crate
    just save and play the waiting game

  6. عمار الـــبـــيـاتــي Reply

    How I con download this game in pc

  7. Gaming & Tech Reply

    I was lucky to buy pubg as my first game for my pc and now i have bought rocket league and witcher 3 during this summer sale all because of Pubg 😎, i had played about 250 hours ingame

  8. Worth buying the School Shirt with Necktie now and wait a few months? Or do you think it's not gonna raise up the price?

  9. in your opinion is it still viable to do? I'm planning to buy PUBG (i'm just playing PUBG Mobile atm) and I'd like to make some money also xD
    Btw, the skins only drop by opening crates or you have the chance to drop them while playing? (like cs:go)?

  10. Who's got the time? Reply

    I just removed all my groups and curators on my acc, and switch to pubg gaming! This game now is my primary source of income of getting steam wallet to buy good games on steam!

  11. Arman Clark Reply

    i have a question, i got my 100k free points for the test server and bought my 3 crates, but i cant see them on the steam inventory. do i have to wait a week to sell them?

  12. Ivan Pelivanović Reply

    Finally, I found someone who explained everything I wanted to know about this! Amazing video dude, great job…

  13. I got a fucking Leather Jacket (Black) and I can't trade it until Wednesday. Do you think it is going to go down?

  14. Going to have to pickup Pubg after i get a new desk for my pc. Rainy season made my roof leak and ruined my desk ): could have destroyed my pc though could be worse. Thanks again for these informative and helpful videos!

  15. You should make an announcement along with your regular uploads when PUBG releases new crates. 🙂

  16. zwitterionic Reply

    Yes thanks to you i got alot of money from it, you mentioned this in one of your previous steam sale videos and i searched about it and got alot of money about 18$ i bought divintiy orginal sinn divintive editon and some mini games with that money…now i play pubg to have fun and to buy games xD

  17. sharath chandra Reply

    can you make a video about how to sell these in game items and get the best price. I keep listing my items but no one buys them even if i list the item way below the price.

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