This is an in-depth guide on how to make money on the Steam Community Market by buying and selling CS:GO skins with low floats using basic economic principles. By following this guide you’ll never have to spend money on steam again for games or skins!
Links to 3 useful browser extensions:
Steam inventory Helper:
CSGO Float Market Checker:
Steam Wizard:

Please comment down below any questions, comments, concerns
Hope you learned something useful from this video


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  1. Xue Xian Heah Reply

    Hey I know I'm late for this question but steam is charging taxes, how can we actually gain profit?

  2. My brother used to do this all the time I started with 150 dollars and in like 3 days I got to 195 with only like 1hr of work if that

  3. Noobmaster 69 Reply

    hey man nice video,but i have a question 6:10 so the higher the spikes on the sales graph the higher the tax steam takes?.sorry for the broken english

  4. Attila Halász Reply

    I have a 0.000 float pp bison candy apple and no one wants to buy it:( in addition I dont know how much is it worth

  5. Benedict Broadbent Reply

    buy orders on knives are the best way of generating a large profit, i recommend MW Doppler's and fades as you can sometimes sell them for the same price as a FN one taking your large margin

  6. Literally only legit tutorial. Thanks a lot man, keep up the great job!

  7. heatwave 192 Reply

    Also when you buy stuff I tend to multiply the price by 1.15 to account for the tax to see the minimum i can sell it for without losing money

  8. Xenus Gonsalves Reply

    I dont get floats for all guns when I click on get all floats

  9. Schemaposse Reply

    I have a 90.9 float AK RAT ROD skin with 3 good stickers anyone intrested to trade?

  10. Abdelmoula Gari Reply

    Because many people 'me included' have a lot of questions about this method

  11. Today i literally spent a lot of time inspecting weapons in game you saved me a lot man thank you
    edit: nevermind the "show float" and "sort by float" options dont even work…i press them and they dont do anything

  12. you can also buy them for buy orders and if you get for example a 0.31 float so a bad field tested you can sell it again and wait till you get a good float field tested and then you can sell that for more money !!!!

  13. Joe endeacott Reply

    Steam inventory helper sometimes works, but when I click get all float some of the skins don’t show the float and just remains saying “get float” when I click it. Anyone know why

  14. Матеја Шијаковић Reply

    Great video, just a little help. When I click on get float, it doesn`t do anything. Why?

  15. Twelfydelfy Reply

    i am so bad at profiting i put 60$ in steam now my inventory i worth like less thatn 5$ i think

  16. I still sell under price 2€ or 50€ less because I know exist poor kid who don't have money for bread

  17. Paul Ahrens Reply

    what about the stickers on weapons? are the stiker more profitable or not?

  18. Once we get couple of money in wallet then how to withdraw it into bank account

  19. xXSkewrrsXx Reply

    Nerd gang? You sound like a super awesome dude and I could see you as a trader of high value stocks

  20. I like csgo and I get cases and gun skins as award and sell em cheap

  21. you actually sound like the best guy i have ever seen, the video is really good and everything he said its true <3

  22. ryan last name Reply

    why isn't it giving me the float option? i installed the browser and i go on and below listing their is nothing, what do i do and what is wrong?

  23. i have no money and i cant get any money so do you know any cheap skins to get started

  24. William Spak Reply

    Does anyone know if this still works? What is the min float value I should be looking for? Thanks.

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