Here it is! We have the updated how-to for installing Halo Combat Evolved and Custom Edition WITH WORKING MULTIPLAYER for 2018! Just follow the steps I lay out in the video and comment if you have any questions, have fun!!!







++++++^^ Download Links ^^++++++++

Game File –

Halo: Combat Evolved Patch –

Halo Patch (halo 1.0.10 folder/fixed.exe) –

HAC2 (release folder) –


Game File –

Halo Custom Edition Patch –

Halo CE Fixed.exe (halo 1.0.10 file) –

HAC2 (release folder) –

All free, all work and can be used for both games –

1. Unable to load HAC! Error 126

a. Install DirectX on your PC (If you game on PC frequently you should’ve acquired this long ago, but it is a potential solution)

b. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

2. Game crashing after attempts to minimize are made using ALT+TAB
No real solution, it’s a Halo quirk, just close out the game and restart if this occurs.

3. Getting banned for no reason in a new server.
If you end up getting banned for no reason when joining servers, just try to reinstall the game with a different product key.


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  1. SubVoid Media Reply

    I have updated the link for the Halo: Custom Edition game file, the link in the description should work now! Also, I mistakenly told you to put the loader file into the Halo game directory. The loader file actually needs to go into the "Controls" folder, NOT the game directory.

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so dumb lol I downloaded custom edition and thought it was the campaign version

  3. Human Person Reply

    i have disc for combat evolved but the halo.exe doesn't do anything and i can't find any help anywhere

  4. Human Person Reply

    i have a halo combat evolved disc from 2003 and i can't seem to be able to run the game.

  5. Olmates biggest Fan Reply

    So before i spend 20 mins installing, Campaign come with it?

  6. Hi SubVoid Media. guy… .. Thanks for showing that it does work on Win 10.. I have a peculiar issue though, please help.
    When I run the setup.exe file, it gives a window saying "Do you want this app of an unknown publisher make changes to your device." I click yes. and nothing happens. NO install.. No further messages or errors…

    Please guide me.. I love Halo..

  7. DJ Upperman Reply

    Im getting the hac error got visual studio and direct x install
    Anyone got a fix

  8. Giorgi Silagadze Reply

    Who else was getting stress downloading custom edition because u might accidentally clicked the combat evolved link

  9. Andrew Tomlin Reply

    I keep getting a Hac error 126 for both halos after i downloaded custom edition

  10. HowlingFang6258 Reply

    I downloaded everything for Custom Edition and did everything you mentioned in the video. However, I don't have the option to play campaign. Did I miss something here? I even copy & pasted the campaign maps from the Vanilla Halo PC version onto the Custom Edition, but I still didn't have the option for campaign. (Btw, my Halo PC files were from my original 2003 disc, something I don't see any of these videos mentioning. I did however install all the patches to get it to run.)

  11. Greg Schuler Reply


    If any of you need a HALO CD KEY, i have a generator that generates them for free. It works for both Halo and Halo CE. Download link:

    If you are getting the error that says, "Unable to load HAC! Error: 126," then all you need to do to fix it is download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. ONLY 2010 will fix this! You can download it here:

    Additionally, if you're having issues with the "A problem occured initializing DirectDraw.Hardware acceleration maybe disabled, please run DXDIAG" error like i was, simply right click onto your desktop>New>New Shortcut> paste this:
    "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesHalohalo.exe" -vidmode 1366,768
    and then it should work fine from there!

    You're Welcome 🙂

  12. Chief MEGAblocks Reply

    I can't seem to extract anything. How do I extract the full game?

  13. Followed step by step for PC, pausing and everything. It is still telling me in multiplayer that No CD Key.

  14. sadly the mediafire link can give you a trojan for these, there's github downloads instead if you wish to do this

  15. Bowser Jjumetroid Reply

    Hey! When I boot up my Halo, I get this message:

    A problem occurred initializing Direct3D. Hardware Acceleration maybe disabled, please run DXDIAG.

    What do I do?

  16. I tried doing the same thing u did but the hac error 126 is still happening to me. even if i have DirectX 11 and MSC visual 2010. if u still active, can u still help? also this is for combat evolved not custom edition

  17. What's up Everyone

    Here's a crap-ton of working 25-character keys so you can copy paste (for a bunch that were tested and work as of 4/22/2017)

    and here's some that I mined personally from a few more sources.
    (TIP: copy and paste number groups of four)

    PYXMD- WDT9G- 4378Y- 72KXT- FTFYQ

    V84H7- J62Y4- HTMHK- RKH6T- BHXHW


    TRF2B- Y67K2- GV7RR- H4DCB- QDC7W

    W4WMQ – BP7J4 – YPV8D- 9HYK3 -KQTVW

    8D69D- 8BFB8 -93949- 5845F- FH686


    41248- 79455- 34565- 87945- 68742

    TRF2B- Y67K2- GV7RR -H4DCB -QDC7W


    ANGKA 1 SEMUA — (for a specific build that has its own proprietary key set)

  18. Rogie Matthew Pañares Reply

    can you send the folder through my email? i download it but needed tu be burn on cd.

  19. i feel junior high and primary grade nostalgia among those desktop icons

  20. Hi mate, all good up to the point of extracting the two files at 4:30 – maybe I'm on different Windows Program but cant find the Microsoft Games File to Extract to. Anyone know what to do? Not a computer guy!

  21. I clicked setup once and accudentally clicked close. Now I tried clicking the setup but it wont open.

  22. I use notepad set all the keycodes on it in groups, can't copy & paste them all at the same time, I try that nope, but in groups it works, my old keycode work fine

    I install both in their own folders
    MS Games Halo Custom Edition

    MS Games Halo Halo (Main) [stander]

  23. Thanks, not play this game for many years this is big help
    Play it on windows xp, lost over time it running on now windows 10pro dual core, 8gb ram , but don't what updates there are and mods bring up to speed so much great times init,
    Halo ce v1.0.10

  24. ty4p

    ran into a few issues with the cd a while back and never returned .

    classic gameplay , glad because microsoft actually discontinued making new discs ? helps .

  25. Roboslacker Reply

    When I run the setup file for Combat evolved, nothing happens.
    I was able to install Custom Edition just fine, but I can't get the installer for Custom Evolved to run.

  26. Djingo Machinima Reply

    DUMBASS QUESTION! the patches are for the multiplayer yeah?
    anyone who knows please answer

  27. Freddy Zart Reply for some reason has this user's halo game, I mean, if you go to the installation log of the myabandonware's Halo you can see that this guy's (Justin) name is there.

  28. i did all the steps and i installed the game but now an error shows up as soon i try to open the game its the direct3D error do u know any way how can i fix it ?

  29. Here because I am not waiting for the MCC to fuck this up. (It probably won't, but random DMR starts, butchered customization and no forge from Reach's launch isn't giving me high hopes)

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