Short instructional video for first-time Haste users that shows how to install and use Haste!

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Haste ( is next-gen Internet optimization for gamers that’s designed to reduce ping, packet loss and jitter. The result is a superior gaming experience that allows you to stop worrying about lag and get back to gaming.

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  1. I have a question. I hope you have the time to respond, thanks!
    I play league of legends but I play in the Latin America North server, the program was though to play in the North America server, which isn't located in the same state that my server is. Other programs have the option to change the "default fastest server" to another manually and that, sometimes, helps more than using the default server. Is there anything I can do to change the server of my game manually?

  2. Kepitano Ahmad Reply

    I've been struggling for weeks now because I live in Saudi Arabia and
    connect to League of Legends' servers.
    A Riot support agent recommended me to use your software and it worked, thank you so much 😀

    If it keeps working smoothly for at least 1 week, I will consider subscribing for 1 year! 🙂

  3. Saibal Ghosh Reply

    Wait haste doesn't work in India for fortnite??!?!!? Wth I just subscribed to them. Haste gaming can u confirm whether there are ur servers in India or not for fortnite?

  4. Akash Gaming TV Reply

    why not support warface game? 🙁 how can i play with this game? warface


    When I open Haste, it doesn't give me any option to log in?? Why is that? It seems like it's already ready to use?

  6. 420 subs with one Egg video Reply

    when i open the game it doesnt connect to haste i tried reinstalling but it didnt work

  7. 我来自中国,我试一下这个加速器怎么样,口碑不错😊

  8. i got an error saying " service haste service failed to start. verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services" when i installed it. any clue how to fix it?

  9. Fahmid - Chillin Reply

    i have league of legends up and it doesnt say its connected for league of legends
    anything wrong?

  10. EternalŚword Yi Reply

    when i try to install the program its says, service 'haste service' (hasteUEservice) failed to start. verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services

  11. It keeps saying I need to reinstall the program, I did but it never work.
    I have the correct settings for this can you please explain?

  12. soooo where is the video on haste check? can't find it anywhere on your channel??

  13. How can i crack this app 🙂💔💔
    It is good but is exp 💸💸💔😭

  14. whenever i try to launch a game it says that it is having trouble getting connected and it has to restart. but when i restart my game doesnt appear on the list. Help?

  15. We need EU region please, it's been so long and nothing changed yet.

  16. EchoZK - Games - Music - Illustration Reply

    For me it didn’t do anything but make it worse… I went from 50 ping to 80-120 ping constant

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