Thierry Henry talks to TFR about Jamie Vardy, Arsenal, Pep Guardiola and the new 2016/16 Premier League season!

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  1. Jamie Vardy was underestimated and misused by England, Arsenal would have destroyed him for similar reasons, He made the right choice, he is a lot smarter and a better footballer than many people think

  2. Vardy fucked up..

    Coming from a United fan. he needed arsenal, arsenal didnt need him.

  3. Gurjinder Gaurh Reply

    Henry predicted correct and Alexis nearly got the golden boot

  4. Graham Brown Reply

    someone should replay this interview for him and ask his opinion now. Not to rub it in but his views are interesting

  5. Shahirfan Shahrizal Reply

    The way he says "intense" just show us how much intensity that Pep gave to his players

  6. KingDoms Kingdom1985 Reply

    Seems like our lad made the correct decision. Champions league quarter finalists.

  7. Arsenal became money making machine club after 2010 – with only one goal top 4, CL 16 and that's enough. Of course Vardy will turn down Arsenal. And after this season almost every good player will turn down Arsenal. Only Wenger proteges will play their more than average game. I hope they don't qualify for Europa league also.

  8. 𝔍𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶 Reply

    because Jamie Vardy would have saved Arsene Wenger and his outdated management (United fan and even I know Arsenal's problems). Arsene should go, to save your club, it's simple. Get a better manager. I wish United looked at a few more options before going for Jose but I think City acquiring Guardiola applied pressure for the board to go for someone riding on "reputation"

  9. Arsenal are a joke club with no ambition, even if Leciester won't win the title again neither will Arsenal, at least Leciester have ambition.

  10. Elias Smith Reply

    Henry still making mistakes in english !!! "having saying that" ….

  11. Eesa Fredericks Reply

    as much as i fukken love this guy his analysis on pogba is wrong…………..he cant play no10……hes a roaming midfielder

  12. BUZZTROLL Inc. Reply

    This guy deserved a Ballon d' Or..

    .. to think there are others who have more than one just because of marketing.

  13. Architeuthis Dux Reply

    Great player, useless pundit! He is also not management material.

  14. he's such a cheesy character, definitely not a pundit he just makes very generic remarks

  15. No idea why Henry gets so much hate as a pundit, I think he talks A LOT of sense.

  16. Matkl MYusoff Reply

    It does matter where Vardy plays his football, He plays for England and he will be a protected player.This time around he will be closely guarded and if he remain at Leicester, it may be difficult for him to produce the same scoring rate and this will be the true test for him.

  17. HawkHardstylez Reply

    in all credit to wenger! He's been good But it's time for arsenal to change!! United!!

  18. I call it Loyalty and I think he made the right decision ..

  19. Vinay Radhakrishna Reply

    People forget what arsenal is and its history …… Fucking idiots judge us for not winning league …. Arsenal had done great things in their history …. things money cant buy ….. there is nothing to be proud of spending millions and winning trophies ….. even newly promoted team can do that …. look at mancity he he he…

  20. Henry, with all respect to your admiration to Arsenal, but nowadays Leicester is a better team than Arsenal. I think he made the right choice. Arsenal was a good team in your days, but in 2016 Arsenal is a small team, and I say this as a fan of 2000-2007's Arsenal.

  21. Aakash Bhanja Reply

    LOL. Arsenal? Vardy. no..ytf? to definitely come 4th and maybe get a shot at the F.A cup and then be content? Arsenal won't win till Wnger dies. its an issue with the motivation of the owners and the manager, which trickles down to the players…and frankly Arsenal don't have the never say die spirit, nor the spirit to create history. You just feel it in some clubs. Arsenal's vibe is more like trying not drown and keep their head over water to keep their so called big club 'reputation' intact…which is whatever.
    I cant remember arsenal doing anything memorable. lately.
    I sound like I hate arsenal, But I just hate Wenger and the idea of Arsenal and how it takes perfectly good players and fucks them up.
    This is exactly why Zlatan didn't join Arsenal all the years ago.. because hes a winner and he just didn't feel it at Arsenal.
    They need nothing less than a Bergkamp or Henry to change things around, which Wenger won't be able to buy.
    #ArsenalCatch22 #pissinginthewind

  22. Vardy made the right Choice. hes won the league with Leicester arsenal hasn't won the League for ………

  23. 786sami786 Reply

    This is what I like. Players that are loyal to their manager.

  24. Donovan Miller Reply

    get them more hair gel then Thiery !, better still use super clue on their defence

  25. Donovan Miller Reply

    no really needed, arsenal dont care about football, only the business side of it.

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