We tested 7 different games in 3 different regions to see if HASTE was worth the money.

Impressed with the results? Give Haste a try for yourself:

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  1. 1:38
    Only uninformed gamers seem to use the word "netcode".. I"ll be taking this ad with a massive amount of salt

  2. guys dw i’m not sponsored this is non bias….. 9 mins later guys i partnered with them!

  3. I'm in michigan and all my servers are in chicago and it lowers mine by like 2-3 lol.

  4. Tried the free version. Garbage. Massively slowed down my game even more. Choppy as hell. So took it off after a few minutes. I can't imagine kill ping being any better.

  5. We dont know its sponsored till the very end, what a waste of my time

  6. yami yeager Reply

    haste helped me alot, being from colorado the only game that really has a close server is rainbow six siege. It really sucked because even on a GB/s internet connection i was still getting 70 ping on riot servers and valve servers, took my connection down to around 20-30.

  7. So I usually get 50+ ping on fortnite. I will be happy if I lose atleast 10

  8. Does anyone know if this program is available in the UK yet??

  9. IceManIsaac Reply

    Just wanted to clear up some confusion on the difference between a sponsored video and becoming a partner with a company.

    So a sponsored video would be a company reaching out to me and paying me to make a video for a flat rate. "IceMan we want to pay you $1,000 to make a video about our service and we want you to say these things about these talking points."

    I made this video without any coordination with the Haste team, but upon completion I uploaded a private copy to show them my results. They liked my video and set up a partnef referral link where I get a very small kickback if someone signs up after their free trial.

    Sponsored Video = Cash up front and potential influence over what the creator says.

    Partner = The creator already likes the product and the company wants to grow together.

    I made this video when I had like 5k subs. I was, and still am not, on any large company's radar for sponsored videos. In no way did the prospect of a "partnership" influence my the integrity of my review. Plus, the numbers don't lie!

    Hope this clears up the difference!

  10. Ali Raiymkulov Reply

    I tried haste since I get 100 ping in Kazakhstan. I launch r6 up with haste and my ping jumps to 400

  11. I stopped watching right after he said it only works in the US

  12. MrScaryJoe Reply

    You are not sponsored by haste. But youre partnerd with them… Isnt that Kinda the same?

  13. Great video! helped me alot, my ping was 100-140 then my ping now is 60-40

  14. ISM Gaming Reply

    it works for me though.
    it really depends on your isp. sometimes your isp makes a bad route to the gaming server so haste eliminate it.

  15. Ramiro Pino Reply

    if I have 50 of ping or I bother to download the program, play in South America with 100+ and there is no program to download it …

  16. Dylan Hooper Reply

    I love in central Texas and playing Smite I drop from 79ms to 16.9ish average based off in game readings

  17. corey urquhart Reply

    haste is also Available in Canada not just in the United States

  18. So this video is not sponsored… but you have a referral link that ends in: ?hm=influencer&o=icemanisaac

    You are lying about not being sponsored which will not only get your channel deleted if YouTube finds out but you are breaking the law. If your channel ever grows to a decent size and you pull this kind of shit, you are taking a serious risk. And what a stupid thing to do. You can be sponsored and still like a product or service, there's noting wrong with that. Lying about it isn't only illegal, it's completely unnecessary.

  19. Christian Estrada Reply

    Great vid. I’m console but good info to know still.

  20. IceManIsaac Reply

    Will you have great results using Haste like we did? I can't say for sure. There's too many variables between your location, your ISP, and the location of your favorite game's server.
    The only way to know for sure is to give Haste a try for yourself: http://bit.ly/icemanisaac (NO CREDIT CARD INFO REQUIRED)
    Test the service and post your results here: https://discord.gg/kuadK6R

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