Welcome to my full game walkthrough of GTA: San Andreas.
Recorded with the Elgato HD60Pro and rendered in Sony Vegas.

Los Santos
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:58 Big Smoke
00:05:48 Sweet and Kendl
00:12:06 (Ryder) Ryder
00:16:57 (Sweet) Tagging Up Turf
00:22:12 (Sweet) Cleaning The Hood
00:28:41 (Sweet) Drive-Thru
00:35:37 (Sweet) Nines and Ak’s
00:43:12 (Sweet) Drive-By
00:47:50 (Sweet) Sweet’s Girl
00:52:07 (Sweet) Cesar Vialpando
01:01:20 (Big Smoke) OG LOC
01:08:19 (Ryder) Home Invasion
01:15:46 (Ryder) Catalyst
01:20:55 (Ryder) Robbing Uncle Sam
01:30:03 (Big Smoke) Running Dog
01:33:41 (Big Smoke) Wrong Side Of The Tracks
01:38:18 (Big Smoke) Just Business
01:45:13 (Cesar) High Stakes, Low-Rider
01:48:16 (OG LOC) Life’s A Beach
01:55:09 (OG LOC)Madd Dogg’s Rhymes
02:04:31 (OG LOC) Management Issues
02:11:13 (OG LOC) House Party
02:16:58 (C.R.A.S.H) Burning Desire
02:24:37 (Sweet) Doberman
02:30:43 (Sweet) Los Sepulcros
02:35:24 (C.R.A.S.H)Gray Imports
02:40:43 (Sweet) Reuniting The Families
02:51:19 (Sweet) The Green Sabre

03:00:35 (C.R.A.S.H) Badlands
03:05:58 (Catalina) First date
03:09:21 (The Truth) Body Harvest
03:17:16 (Cesar) King in Exile
03:19:09 (Catalina) First Base
03:27:43 (Catalina) Gone Courting
03:33:17 (Catalina) Made In Heaven
03:39:15 (Cesar) Wu Zi Mu
03:44:40 (Catalina) Farewell, My Love
03:51:33 (The Truth) Are You Going To San Fierro

San Fierro
03:59:38 (CJ) Wear Flowers In Your Hair
04:10:08 (CJ) 555 We Tip
04:17:47 (CJ) Deconstruction
04:22:25 (Triad) Photo Opportuinity
04:26:09 (Jizzy) Jizzy
04:40:11 (Jizzy) T-Bone Mendez
04:46:58 (Jizzy) Mike Toreno
04:55:59 (Woozie) Mountain Cloud Boys
05:04:21 (Zero) Air Raid
05:10:05 (Zero) Supply Lines…
05:16:57 (Zero) New Model Army
05:23:38 (Woozie) Ran Fa Li
05:29:03 (Woozie) Lure
05:34:14 (Woozie) Amphibious Assault
05:45:49 (Woozie) The Da Nang Thang
05:55:47 (Triad) Outrider
06:05:47 (C.R.A.S.H) Snail Trail
06:14:35 (Triads) Ice Cold Killa
06:20:32 (Triads) Pier 69
06:24:33 (Triads) Toreno’s Last Flight
06:30:43 (Triads) Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

06:38:34 (Torino) Monster
06:44:53 (Torino) Highjack
06:51:16 (Torino) Interdiction
07:00:42 (Torino) Verdant Meadows
07:03:24 (Torino) Learning To Fly
07:15:14 (Torino) N.O.E
07:22:06 (Torino) Stowaway
07:26:04 (The Truth) Black Project
07:35:42 (The Truth) Green Goo

Las Venturas
07:40:22 (Triads) Fender Ketchup
07:46:04 (Triads) Explosive Situation
07:52:51 (Triads) You’ve Had Your Chips
07:58:14 (Triads) Don Peyote
08:07:42 (Mafia) Intensive Care
08:14:43 (Heist) Architectural Espionage
08:21:48 (Heist) Key To Her Heart
08:30:42 (Heist) Dam and Blast
08:42:06 (Heist) Cop Wheels
08:52:11 (Heist) Up,Up and Away!
09:00:20 (Mafia) The Meat Business
09:09:23 (C.R.A.S.H) Misappropriation
09:15:40 (Triads) Fish In A Barrel
09:17:13 (Madd Dogg) Madd Dogg
09:21:35 (Mafia) Freefall
09:29:38 (C.R.A.S.H) High Noon
09:35:32 (Mafia) Saint Mark’s Bistro
09:42:20 (Heist) Breaking The Bank At Caligula’s
10:00:35 (Triads) A Home In The Hills

Los Santos
10:14:53 (CJ) Vertical Bird
10:24:23 (CJ) Home Coming
10:30:54 (CJ) Cut Throat Business
10:38:54 (Sweet) Beat Down On B Dup
10:47:12 (Sweet) Grove 4 Life
10:53:52 (CJ) Riot
10:58:09 (Sweet) Los Desperado
11:07:18 (Sweet) End Of The Line

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