GoPro Karma Drone Review! We have been waiting for the new GoPro Drone and it has finally arrived. In this video, Jeff walks you through the the five best features and the five worst features of the Go Pro Karma. Getting into to the awesome features first – the cool thing with buying the GoPro drone is that you also get the Karma Grip included as well. The Karma Grip is great for stabilization – you get very smooth shots and there is no interruption from change of direction. Next up is the awesome preset shots the Karma offers – Orbit, Cable Cam, Reveal and Dronie. It also has the return to home feature + GPS. The GoPro Karma Quadcopter is also very portable and comes with a nifty backpack to store the drone, remote, Karma Grip and accessories. Another awesome feature is the GoPro Karma remote – super easy and intuitive to use. The controller has video game style joysticks and buttons and a touchscreen display – overall we really liked using the Karma remote. It’s also compatible with existing GoPros – The Karma will work with the GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro Hero4 Black and GoPro Hero4 Silver. It was initially supposed to work with the GoPro Hero5 Session but we aren’t sure that’s still the case. On the flip side, that might also be a negative because if you don’t already have a compatible GoPro, the cost of the unit just increased $300. Battery life is disappointing coming in at around 15 minutes – we would recommend buying a second battery. We also feel the GoPro Karma is a little brittle. We can see it easily scratching or getting dinged up. The GoPro Karma is also not as responsive as the DJI Mavic Pro. Lastly, the connection with remote also seems to cut out at longer distances. Overall though, we really like this drone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this ended up on the list for Best Drone 2019 / Best Quadcopter 2019. In this debate between DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma, the Mavic still might have a slight leg up and is probably considered the Best Consumer Level Drone 2019 / Best Drones with Camera. Of course if you wanted to spend up a little more you could always go with the DJI Phantom. Anyways, we hoped you enjoyed this GoPro Karma Review!

DJI Mavic Pro Review:




Intro Song: “Chopping the Piano” by Ryan Little

Outro Song: “First Aid” by Letter Box

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  1. Mikaela Barratt Reply

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with Hero 8? Thanks

  2. Joschka Hilsenstein Reply

    HAHA when he said portable I heard affordable but i geuss not…

  3. Adrian Trinidad Reply

    So you have to buy a new battery every time it runs out????

  4. A Mavic pro is like a fine Italian sports car and a karma drone is a vw beetle

  5. Chris Tragedia Reply

    Why wouldn't you land it when the battery is dying? How is that a negative?

  6. Gman No man Reply

    For the low battery, it actually gives you warnings that the battery is low.
    If you lose a signal for a certain amount of time, karma will actually try to land on a solid ground. Happened to me and was so scared if it fell on the water but it actually went to the shore and land

  7. Wearing a California tshirt there's no way I could believe anything you say!!

  8. Carlos M. Garcia Rivera Reply

    GoPro Karma doesn't have any sensors, and also is cheap plastic, DJI Mavic is waaay better

  9. Black Bayou Reply

    Old Crip wanting to do a review of a drone, just to give paraplegics like me something to do with there lives. Instead of just sitting in their wheelchairs and rotting. This is just a video to show I'm real, and not some young troll looking for sympathy. ​@yHrViKHGVI/edit that vid also shows the problem I had with DJI tech support (There tech support dont care at all) DJI makes a fairly decent product? But maybe there tech support is bad because they are made in a Communist country? Any contact info for Karma? Watch video. After DJI CRAP can't afford karma

  10. Five worst about Karma:
    1. Folding design, if front crash the drone will pretty much break the legs. Unlike mavic pro, the front fold in and back since drone flies in a tilted position the back legs will likely fold in to absorb impact. Thus, minimising the damage.
    2. Propeller. The karma has the propeller narrower towards the core which makes it break the entire propeller off with slight hit. The mavic pro propeller is design thick from the core outward. Even if the propeller is damage there is a chance the drone may still have the chance to hover in the air.
    3. Size. The karma is way too troublesome to carry around especially for people who are looking to bring their drone around.
    4 safety, the karma does not have any obstacles avoidance sensor not even a downward sensor. This cause the karma to drift slightly and blindly hit something or accident.
    5. Battery flaw. The vibration from motor causing the battery to dislodge and cut the power mid flight.

    5 great thing about karma:
    1. Much better valuable for price. You get gimbal, camera and drone all in one.
    2. Controller has a build in interactive screen.
    3. Future plan. The camera can be upgraded with a new supported GoPro camera.
    4. Usability. If drone is unstable, the accessories can be repurposed used
    5. May be easier to get replacement parts.

  11. AERIAL SHOTS Reply

    Hello friends i need some assistance. Can you assist me please?

  12. Nice video, for an update. you can now get the hole package (including hero 5 black) for $449.99 on the gopro website

  13. Steve/Matterhorn Reply

    Gopro Karma isn't very good and sold it a year ago and possibly a reason why there isn't a revision 2.
    What I did like was a 2 in 1. Drone and stabilizer camera. I did get a mavic 2 pro and love it, for now until something else comes out. 🙂

  14. Gio & Mike's Fun World Reply

    15 mins battery life??! You just had the drone up and you already need to land it before it crashes! Cool drone though


    Compare image quality between DJI and Karma in the air towards the Bright sun then you will understand the fact that DJI is an amazing toy and Karma is made for those who appreciate image quality.

  16. Comparing DJI to GoPro..come on brother you know better! LOL Good video though!

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