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Yo guys Aatrixx here, I really want to thank you all for the recent support on my season 10 guides so far, today’s guide will be on Fizz and learn how to play him mechanically, anyways with that being said, Qiyana will be the next one as she was voted second highest, I will then host another poll for the next 2 champions so stay tuned.

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  1. Hey everyone, so here is my official Fizz season 10 guide, I have been gaining a lot of good feedback and support recently so I wanna thank you all for it, stay tuned for the next champion guide which will be Qiyana.


    Abilities: 1:21

    Combos: 8:03

    Runes: 11:29

    Items: 13:13

    Summoners: 15:31

    Max Skill Order: 15:53

  2. Sakib Rahman Reply

    learn to talk in english properly on youtube videos , u are giving a guide not rapping dude ,

  3. are there any good combos with fizz+ dmaterlizer that makes waveclear super easy? @aatrixx

  4. you legit have the only tutorial videos that are effective for me lol

  5. Ricardo Mokveld Reply

    Just a quick tip please turn off your discord sound when you make a video next time. I love the guide but those sounds are annoying…

  6. proedros 15 Reply

    Hello my friend.If I have a ranged oponent should I play def till level 6?

  7. Sandro Venta Reply

    can u go q basic w (basicreset) basic to get that electro quicker

  8. Mario Trascu Reply

    What to do if the enemy is moving and i use ult, i realized the shark don’t chase the enemy

  9. Fish Salad Reply

    I would still try to max R first, but that's just me. I have never tried maxing w first but it sounds good, so I am going to give it a shot 😀

  10. thx for the guide man, very clear and helpful, especially for a beginner like me

  11. Ian Arizpe Reply

    would it be advantageous to max his w and e alternatively or is that dumb

  12. Anders lund Thomsen Reply

    If you are in a 1v1 it’s better to hit s Long range R then e in, then basic attack, cancel basic attack with W and then q Them from behind so you get closer to your tower, and if necesery you can use ignite. And that Will basicly oneshot everyone thats not an tank.

  13. David Skrrt Reply

    Last game i decided to try out Fizz, i was first time, I got Neeko on mid, she wouldnt use her Root ability until i used my E and i basically couldnt go for an all in cuz she would just Root me and then deal a lot of damage to me, any tips on what i should ve done?

  14. Brage Oevergaard Reply

    If u want to seem like a serious (and good) player, start with matchups. When do u pick fizz? And when do u avoid picking him? Should be intro <3

  15. oakwood boiler Reply

    that tayk the race song in the intro gives me 50years in prison flashbacks

  16. That dog skin that fizz has should have the trident as a bone and with his ult fizz should throw the bone at the target and the doggo comes up

  17. This video is really helpful since I wanted to start playing fizz thanks for the very clear explanation

  18. Brenno Albuquerque - Reply

    Legend in portuguese, please ❤❤❤❤ I'm main fizz, but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks bro

  19. for some reason people are playing fizz a lot more, and wish this champ would just die and go away. He is so annoying. So I hope I get some insight into how to beat his little ass from your great videos bruh.

    Oh ok his passive reduce the damage he takes as he builds AP?! Didn't know that. What else I gotta know…?

    Oh his ult has different versions based on the range…. Interesting!!! Thank you I didn't know that either.

  20. CityRatGames Reply

    put your discord on mute or something thought it was mine

  21. Jay Harris Reply

    So with Lich you have to hit W then Q and 2 at the same time?

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