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Football Fights & Angry Moments 2019 ● C.Ronaldo, Costa, Neymar

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  1. Nick Chorbajian Reply

    bruh my high school senior team got in a full team fight that was way better than all of these combined. I fuckin chocked a kid out. I wish soccer was more like this.

  2. deqgf rfvAfg Reply

    I have only gotten in 3 soccer fights it ain't a lot compared to these.

  3. kingdeadman3760 xbox Reply

    I soccer a actual sport or is it were people who r soft go

  4. SuperMahiman Reply

    Need a Replay Ref to tell the ref when there's a dive and when it's real!

  5. Liam Herring Reply

    i will never be able to comprehend why footballers try to act so badass but are actually entitled soft jackasses. the fact that having to be a bitch is essential to winning is just not kickin wizard

  6. Mark Brown Reply

    These r fights. What a joke😂. Biggest pussies in the world. Play a real sport

  7. Just a bunch of little bitches. My wife could easily bitch slap them all.

  8. gameboymax26 7 Reply

    if this video proves anything its that soccer players are the biggest fakers i have ever seen

  9. Ewan McInerney Reply

    Don't mind me, just a hockey fan here to laugh at all of this…

  10. Ruhsha Bin Sajid Reply

    LMAOAOAO @ 8:17 i love joe gomez's reaction to andrew robertson being a stupid dickhead again
    and then jordan henderson too lmaoo

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