#FIFA #FIFA2005 #FIFA19 I went back onto FIFA 2005 in 2019 and it was INCREDIBLE! If you want to see me try more of these era of FIFA’s let me know by supporting the video!

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FIFA 2005 but in 2019
FIFA 2005 but in 2019

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  1. Nostalgic ♥️
    Just hearing the soundtracks makes me remember all those memories

  2. Lovecars1218 Reply

    These days were literally my childhood.
    I got Fifa 05 and a PlayStation 2 for Christmas when I was 10 years old. From then on I was absolutely in love with fifa 05 and the following Fifas, with Fifa 07 marking the best Fifa of all time in my opinion.
    I still kept my PS2 and all the games I’ve ever had until today and you mate, you are making me playing Fifa 05 right now!😂

  3. Indra Chaudhari Reply

    You simply dont play FIFA and wear a Juve shirt.. hehehehe
    Techically its in this game though…

  4. i can't actually believe that somebody else in 2019 are nostalgic for fifa 2005 instead of me! every few years i play that game again and again! the best soundtracks,the best players,time when football was a way better! maybe becouse i was 10 but still.. oh man thank you for this! it was realy enjoyable growing up playing FIFA 2005 🙂

  5. Tim Huggins Reply

    Freekicks were the easiest but the absolute best for 35 yrd belters , and the fab music too all soundtracks I loved them all . I used to love designing my player but testing every number out on all the kit designs . Still no point in face detail editing you never see in match 😁 . Think it was the last PS1 FIFA too

  6. this gameplay is way more realistic than fifa 09 10. 11 . etc etc and fifa 20

  7. Bayern Munich Reply

    This FIFA edition was great! The graphics started to get advanced.

  8. See the tone in his voice go down when he said Liverpool . European champions

  9. Didn’t get fifa 05 because 04 used to always crash on my PS2 but loved fifa 06

  10. suneeeelkumar Reply

    you are so annoying with your voice, your laughs are creepy. A dislike to you for acting so moronic in this video. i was expecting better.

  11. Hahaha. When Arsenal were the Man City/Liverpool of today. How times have changed….

  12. Jack Wilcox Reply

    I think one of the earlier fifa games had free kicks like that maybe 03 was first but I remember scoring one from fully 40 yards top bins with some dodgy left back

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