Fifa 11 Match between rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid.

*What team do YOU think is better?* Post your answer below in the commentary section 🙂

All settings Maxed Out: 1920×1080, Highest graphics, 4x AA, Vsync ON and 5.1 surround sound system make this game absolutely OUTSTANDING !!!

Playing on PC with keyboard.

– CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66 Ghz ~4010 Mhz !!!
– GPU: Gigabyte GTX470 1280 MB Stock clocks
– RAM: Corsair DDR3 4×1 Gb 1333 Mhz ~1528 Mhz Triple Channel
– PSU: Corsair TX 750 W
– HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB, 7200rpm, 32MB, SATAII
– RES: Full HD – 1920×1080
– DISPLAY: Samsung SyncMaster P2450H LCD 24”
– OS: Windows 7 Ultimate X64

– COOLING: Akasa 967 Nero Cooling

CASE: Chieftec Dragon CH-07B-B-OP
SOUND: Logitech X-540 5.1 surround sound system

*Recorded with fraps*

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  1. The Motherfucker Reply

    Fifa 13 – Now. Just like a casino slot machine in vegas to get a new players.
    Football Royale + All every games now full of battle royale.

    Rather play in slot machine can exchange to a real cash

  2. Игорь Болтнев Reply

    я в фифу 10 на консолях играл похожее на них

  3. youssef fathallah Reply

    ههههههه تلعبلهم debutant
    noob lol gggggggggg

  4. Abdul Rehman Reply

    Can i play this game on high
    My pc specs
    Intel core i5 2500
    6gb ram ddr3 133mhz
    Intel hd graphics 2000

  5. chirayu prakash Reply

    Anybody knows how to download this game ? I loved it.

  6. Hey! I was wondering if it was okay for me to use some of this game play in a video that i am making? I didn't wanna just take it straight away without permission. Thank you for reading! 🙂 If so i'll show that it's from you in the corner of the video screen when played.

  7. Sport Game Reply

    Veja tudo sobre fifa 16!!! Todas as news, notícias e rumores

  8. Vinícius Konzen Reply

    esse fifa eu achei bom até mas ñ ganha ainda do pes!

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