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  1. Love Me Love Me Reply

    last clip starts, smile of happiness and sadness on my face:((( Goodbye Legend

  2. Atharva Datar Reply

    I am sure many people will be re-watching this as Universe just announced retirement….The man thr myth the legend

  3. Honestly the 6 mil dollar slam was CDECs mistake. They were desperate, so they made a bad call to rosh without any vision around the pit. EG had like a million and a half wards around the entire jungle and pit. If they had vision they wouldn't have fallen for that slam.

  4. "Tribute", lulz. He didn't die bro. He's just moving on. He did that in 2016 as well.

  5. Just now saw this and now he is once again leaving. Mad respect for one of the best offlaners to ever play dota 2.

  6. Elard Moises Reply

    El ember del prosorr , y cuabdo dijeron misticaooo ufff men

  7. Hope you are doing a tribute for eg.universe…again… kappa

  8. Very nice video, UNiVeRsE has been my favorite player for a few years now. Love that Syllabear save at 11:01

  9. i could say Universe is the best offlaner that i've ever seen ..

  10. lingeswarran linges Reply

    eg . universe most underrated player ever – wings shadow

  11. Klent Czar Depamaylo Reply


  12. best offlaner making consistent plays. EG will never be the same without him.

  13. Théo Hernandez Reply

    Is "Standin" displayed when a player doesn't put his team name in front of his own name?

  14. Gundam Magic Reply

    I really hate how DotA2 competitive scene is dictated heavily by players switching teams and not by team persistence and hard work. Its like the only thing they care about is winning tournaments and not on the growth of the players and teams. Recruiting all the best players in the world is never the best way to create a team, each individual member of a team gotta rise above failures, improve, and move forward. Utterly disappointed in Arteezy and Universe's move to Secret.

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