Hello folks, been a while since i updated the Megabase, so here it is a “quick” look into all the stuff we did and future plans.

Everything was done live, on stream for over a year!
Mods used: Geometric Placement & SW Recipe Merger
Legit gameplay with Wes!

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Most asked questions:

Q: How do you deal with summer without flingos ?
A: Before Shipwrecked: I used to be in the summer base you saw in the video (in the desert) for the entire season. Being away from the base during that season prevented anything from burning there After Shipwrecked: With shipwrecked you can now simply use the Howling Conch (A craft you can do in the volcano, or with the brain hat, after killing Sealnado) The Conch will make it rain during for log periods of time and as long as its raining there is no wild fires. Once you get the Conch to 25% just use Deconstruction Staff on it so you can craft it again.

Q: How do you have so many mandrakes in the same spot? “cheaaaaaaaater” say the trolls.
A: In shipwrecked you can farm panflutes from trawl netting. Once you have a lot ajust drop them on the ground and use deconstruction staff. This will make the mandrakes get plant in the ground

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  1. Thank you all for your huge support. If you would like to see by best ever base and the latest here is the link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-O47RsUfAA
    Aso feel free to join our community discord at -> discord.gg/glermz and also follow me on twitch for live streams at glermz.tv

  2. Chrisfragger1 Reply

    How you like your new Trust and Safety Counsel on Twitch? lol…

  3. Sans Undertale Reply

    If anybody sees this comment, how the heck do you get crazy amounts of gold like in the video

  4. Diamond Pickaxe Reply

    im 800 days + and my base fits into two screens, I feel ashamed

  5. Aurora Starlight Reply

    How do u prevent your base from burning in summer??? 🤔🤷🏻

  6. Ahmad Mahdi Reply

    And no one comment how he survived 4000 day with a freaking wes?

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