Disney’s Hercules Action Game is plain fun. An classic you can play over and over again. You can choose to play either on the keyboard or on your joystick if you prefer that. Funny collectibles you’ve seen in the movie hercules-drink, actionfigure, sandals etc. You’re interactive with all famous places in the movie and you meet all characters. Movieclips make it feel more alive and you can jump over them whenever you want. The only bad thing is that the computer game doesn’t holds nearly as much humour as the movie but bits of it is left ^^ and man if it lasted longer, but you can replay it as many times you want 😀 The game holds a rating system as in many action games but with hercules style after each level you’re told IF you’re a ZERO or HERO. Non unlockables but it’s old so…
You can’ t play two in the game so that’s a bit bad but you will forget when your transferred to Hercules’ 2D Action Adventure world there you’ll find surprising secrets in the backgrounds.

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  1. Sriram Jeostarzz Reply

    Nostalgia man! One of my favorite games I used to play back when I was kid and also I always stuck at the boss fight at level 3

  2. Seriously it's a nostalgic. ..I miss those days….I'm early 2k kid , I used to played this game in my computer, seriously I'm so happy to see this again…..love it v, much

  3. Brave Warrior Reply

    Watching during Coronavirus best game ever! PLAYED WHEN I WAS 4 YEARS OLD AND RE DOWNLOADED IT

  4. okay, but am i the only one who needed like a week or even more to finish just one level.. and to win the whole game took literally months.. 😀

  5. mercuryfulmina Reply

    this was my first video game on pc. it was impressing and still is lol

  6. Yuriss Xionali Quillca Aldazabal Reply

    gracias me encanta este juego hace mucho tiempo, pude descargarlo sin problemas. 🙂

  7. Shikari Shambu Reply

    Can anyone plz tell me where can i get this game now..😭❤

  8. Vishnu Vardhan Reply

    When i played i stopped at 6 30 i didn't kniw how to cross over

  9. PCmaniakCZ88 Reply

    I finally found it! I have brief memories of fighting the hydra (30:00) and running to that giant in middle of the city (34:30) …. Last time I saw this game was probably more than 17 years ago… When I was around 4 years old 😀 Wish i could find one more game that is probably around as old as this one. If anyone would know…. That game I am still looking for was from a third person view, where you were hunting some characters and later you could play as them i think. There was a mission where you could surf in sewers to get some red guy (I think he was some kind of crab or lobster)… And at the end of each mission you were lifted to the sky by some kind of light beam. So maybe I was playing as an alien hunting some characters? I don't really know and got no idea how to find the game.

  10. Лана Новак Reply

    I just downloaded the emulator to play this game, and it's just:
    – wait I didn't know you can do this
    – how I figured out how to get this???
    – which button I need to- oh wait you can do this TOO?
    – oh wow I pretty suck at this game now

    That's so strange lol but I'm still happy

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  12. Rolling coaster Productions Reply

    This looks like a snes game rather than a ps1 game


  14. Orel Carmeli Reply

    Dude the running guy in the garbage can used to scare the fuck out of me

  15. ABCDE 12345 Reply

    They should make this game support for android with same graphics

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