To celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo winning your votes for Manchester United’s best player of Premier League era, we’ve put together a loop of ALL of his Premier League goals!

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  1. It would have been an amazing thing to see him develop to his full potential in a Man Utd shirt.

  2. If he stayed at United he would have won so many more tittles and if he played anything similar like in Madrid in those 9 years, he would be GOAT no doubt, he still is though

  3. 28:58 that goal and his celebration was sooo exciting… He was just astonishing. The Best Player EVER

  4. AjAy Mathews Reply

    Voice of that commentator is so annoying. So boring. Female voice

  5. If you just look at his first 10 goals, you can see how they reflect his carrier so far: various ways to score, at any pace, distance, position etc.

  6. manchester united ronaldo was the best version of ronaldo. i dont care what anyone says.

  7. So fun to watch these great players when there so young and just full of joy👏👏 great vid with all original commentary. Thank u ✊

  8. David Bryant Reply

    truly a phenomenal player. you wont see the likes of him for a long time. came from nothing, now ploughs money into helping people by his fortune. i think he remembers he had nothing like most of us,,the man is giving back millions to help people that he would never know. Thats selfless. You all doubt him but a truly great man you got to watch running the pitch while helping the poor.

  9. Back then I don’t need coronavirus to make me stay home. Cristiano did! Every single game he played made all United’s fans anticipating!

  10. A.K.A Emperor Reply

    If he was still in the epl he wud have become the highest and greatest goal scorer in premier league history

  11. What was Lauren doing@2:25? Jesus Christ, he was absolutely shocking in that game. Surely Ronaldo made him think hanging up his boots.

  12. Жамшид Тилеуов Reply

    Спс вам С.А.Ф за токие Голы респект!!!

  13. I would love to see him play here against before the end of his career

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