CONFIRMED: Jamie Vardy Embarrasses Arsenal With U Turn To Stay At Leicester!

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  1. andy nykolyszyn Reply

    Vardy… One season wonder, yannerstand?
    Mans too one dimensional, yannerstand? Can he do it on a wet Friday in Southampton, yannerstand?

    Bet he's crying himself to sleep every night that he missed out on the chance of mid table obscurity. Yannerstand?

  2. cameron arthur Reply

    Yer and he does better whith out you he could carry a team whith only slugs off course he will never join

  3. lol just watched this. weren't overly exciting? haha I seem to remember Robbie was all over this when the offer was announced and so were the arsenal fans.

  4. DruMnBassClub Reply

    Respect for J. Vardy!! Leicester gave him the chance and he is paying back like a real hero! He will become a legend in Leicester, that is more than money and titels can ever pay. In germany we "love our club legends" more than any new horrible big payed superstar!

  5. Tanmay Kate Reply

    Now be happy with that Japanese player Tata Sumo Asana Moto Toto

  6. As if he was going Arsenal….. 😂 knew from the start…..

  7. Father Father Reply

    Embarrassing!!??? He turned down a big club for a trash its his fault not ours

  8. Robbie, you need to read some of the comments on here from fellow Gooners and realise that Arsenal are not as much of a draw as they used to be. You keep saying 'A Club like Arsenal' like the invincibles was last year. At that time players were falling over themselves to come to Arsenal, now its also harder for other reasons. Alot of other clubs have money to spend not just 4 or 5. Palace are making moves ffs! Times have changed, Arsenal need to get with those times or risk being left behind.

  9. Timothy Soo Reply

    Having been used to playing counter attacking style in Leicester, it would have been difficult for Vardy to adapt to the passing and possession control style of Arsenal. So it may have been a good decision to remain in Leicester. Furthermore, Vardy faces competition with Sanchez, Welbeck and Giroud for a starting position and Wenger's habit of putting players out of position to suit certain tactics may not help him at all. He certainly does not want to be the next Rickie Lambert at Liverpool.

  10. Matt Majcan Reply

    am i the only one who thinks leicester will actually be better next season? i mean, theyre keeping their players, their manager, they have young talent, and obviously they have incredible scouting, better than any other club does. So why shouldn't they improve just like any other club at the top of the table?

  11. Matt Majcan Reply

    just using arsenal as a bargaining chip. i love it lol

  12. Alex Villela Reply

    Get Lukaku he's a good striker with premier League experience, not like lacazette

  13. Mister Jezmondo Reply

    Since David Dein left we have had NO CLOUT in the transfer market. I reckon we would not have had half the players who have left the club, and got more than half the players we have tried to, if he was still in the boardroom. Look at the players we got when he was around, Berkamp, Henry, to name a couple, top players, promising young talents, coming to Arsenal. Since he went….who? I'm sure Wenger does his best, but I don't think the current board care about Arsenal, like David Dein did. A good business man too. Shame!

  14. Jamie Vardy didn't embarrass anyone. If anyone should be embarrassed it's people who say shit like this. He literally lead a club 5000 to 1 to the title and everyone expects him to leave all the fans, players, coaching staff just because a club like Arsenal throw some money at him. You're all deluded, there is still loyalty in football and you need to learn to respect it. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

  15. Mr Corner Flag Reply

    Remembering when Arsenal were actually a big club #memories

  16. FIFA Gamer Reply

    I am happy he turned down the offer..
    I hope his decision to snub Arsenal will be the one that all of us are grateful for..

  17. We have a gutless spineless fraud of a manager who doesn't give a fuck about the fans

  18. We have a gutless spineless fraud of a manager who doesn't give a fuck about the fans

  19. Ishaaq Safla Reply

    vardy rather fight for fourth spot for leicester than fight for fourth spot with arsenal

  20. Darren Roberts Reply

    he wants to stay loyal at his club just because he doesnt want to join sure arsenal can get a striker from another club

  21. MouthOfHorror Reply

    To all u Man United xunts on here(losers just like their team 5th) To the tune of Will Griggs on Fire your Defence is Terrified…… David DeGea's A Pedo! Your Attack is Pedo-fied! Can be your next proud player song!!!

  22. It says that leicester are premier league champions and arsenal are not.

  23. Andy Kinane Reply

    Lol your only saying you dont care about him because he rejected your shit club

  24. John Kennedy Ekene Reply

    Arsenal want an out and out goal scorer, I mean a goal machine, but won't just make a price that Leicester and Fleetwood will be wowed at. They just triggered the release clause , that's it. Another thing I don't like about arsenal is that as soon as you don't agree to sign at arsenal,they start calling you names. Arsenal should be disappointed at arsenal, it's board, it's coach,the law makers and everybody who has a say in that club. Make an offer that not even the devil can reject and have the player, arsenal won't !. If Vardy scores another 20 goals this season, don't be surprised at Chelsea,man united or Liverpool throwing 50 million pounds for his signature !. That's how these clubs keep up, Ozil is in arsenal because he didn't want to be benched or pushed away by signings, he jumped before they would disgrace him. Wake up arsenal and stop insulting players that refuse to honor disrespectful calls from Wenger and co.

  25. manny romero Reply

    Vardy wouldn't of been the same player at arsenal, were opposing teams just sit back and leave no space in behind.

  26. juupa jaapa Reply

    Whaaaat???? How is his u-turn embarrasment to Arsenal?

  27. Mohamed Zuhail Reply

    For me, the signing that is going to be raising eyebrows is higuain, its wenger's final season and he should either go big or go home

  28. Ldjfi Dmfjfi Reply

    so, barca are embarrassed because we won't give them bellerin? how about juve when Alexis stays? how about west ham with Walcott? why are arsenals embarrassed? business is business, if he's wants to stay it's vardy's will. I don't think any arsenals fan is embarrassed but you robbie for all the time you put on supermarket rag stories.

  29. scouser hater Reply

    wenger only went for this guy cause he was going for 20 million

  30. Bad bit of business. I think we dodged a bullet here. Vardy is now under the microscope, so his performance is not assured next season. I'm optimistic the squad leant their lesson re passion and commitment. For me, we need a clear leader to emerge. High hopes for Xhaka. COYG!

  31. I have a bad feeling about this transfer window and the next season. I hope it isn't another let down.

  32. umang bansal Reply

    everyone fucks with arsenal hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  33. Itumeleng Selemela Reply

    I think it's we did not get (Vardy). This will help us get Lukaku. if he thought he had no chance of joining us now is the time for the manager to make his move for him. anyway Lukaku wants Champions league football

  34. Jamie Vardy did not embarrass us. He simply made a choice to stay at Leicester FC. Players do that all the time , why should this become a big deal because it's Arsenal. Willian was supposed to be sold to Tottenham but was snatched up by Chelsea, the world did not speak about embarrassment . Several other examples abound.The next thing as a club is for the scouts to move into action and get to work to unearth a good striker. Check out copper America, we can get good strikers from there. Please let's not make a headline with every event that happens to Arsenal.

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