Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, released in Japan as Cadillacs Kyouryuu Shinseiki (キャディラックス 恐竜新世紀) is a 1993 arcade game by Capcom. It is a side-scrolling beat ’em up based on the comic book series Xenozoic Tales. The game was produced as a tie-in to the short-lived Cadillacs and Dinosaurs animated series which was aired during the same year the game was released.

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Gameplay by: Velberan, Mineboy and Lu


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  1. 这三个肯定是菜鸟,看他们打的技巧就知道了,不看不急看了还急,改補血的不補血,有有去血也補血,一点都没有团队精神

  2. This game had double team moves if you stand in front of each other for 2 secs

  3. 5:55 Jack and Hannah empty handed and silent look great 😀 😀

  4. Jhon Yon Purama Reply

    Son malos jugando. Usaron muchos créditos para pasar el juego en modo fácil

  5. Hannah Dundee would have been prime fap material for me as a 10 year old….fuck it, shes fap material for me now, ill be right back

  6. This was amazing arcade game for 4 players! Wasted so much money haha!

  7. Vuong Nguyen Reply

    Game này chơi từ năm 2001 ..h 2019..việt nam đâu điểm danh :))

  8. Lord Gargamel Reply

    Seems like Jack. T had business with the flies in the first stage. Cause he wasn’t swinging in the enemies.

  9. Ys Gaming Official Reply

    What an Awesome Play. I love it. I have Inspired You. I also Upload GamePlay on my this Channel.

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