Advanced Fizz Mid Guide Season 10 / How To Play Fizz + Tips And Tricks League Of Legends

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  1. In Turkey server, community is so corrupted. They even ban your hero just for trolling. I just had that experience.

  2. i gota subscribe with notificationsmy god u actually read cooments

  3. BeastTheNinja Reply

    i have never played fizz in my life, and i wanted to try him out so i watched your video, and saw the tips and all that after i went into a game and went 15-5-10

  4. WiLlOwHiSpP Reply

    U really pinged ezreal 3000x then when he pings u back u gonna mute all XD

  5. Jordan Clerf Reply

    Gameplay was hard to watch but other than that your tips were 100% on point. Keep up the great content

  6. Just now seeing this video, really helpful. If you’re on NA add me and let’s play! IGN: tard

  7. Try out Absolute focus and scorch, you can pretty much chunk 20 percent of the enemy laner's health by just pressing w at level 1, and then when you hit 3 go for an all in. Works every time for me because the damage is very unexpected.

  8. Aliphese Fateburn Reply

    My problem with fizz is landing those Ults🙁
    I have no problem with zed q or viktor e or velkoz q


    I lost my skills with fizz i don't play him anymore i was one of the best players kda in euw season 8 but i stoped playing leauge for a long time after i continue playing recently but i lost lane vs xerath player soo I don't want to play him anymore i just keep watching other players play him

  10. Tom Sasafsdg Reply

    i think you should do the one shot dark harvest fizz that you did some time ago

  11. SombraGoesBoop Reply

    Everyone who pressed dislike are bronze fizz mains that missed their ult on the like button

  12. I like taking electrocute/inspiration with time warp and buscuit, especially against poke lanes

  13. Adam Małysz Reply

    When doing the match-up video, please include Yasuo. I know he is supposed to be an easy lane for Fizz, but I always int against him 🙁

  14. Hey im new to league, is the fizz R point and click or skillshot?

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