I hope you’re watching EA, because these are 9 things you could add to THIS YEAR’S game… FIFA 19 could do with a few additions to keep it relevant, and the stuff included in today’s video would do just that in my opinion. Enjoy!

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  2. I would love to see more face scans for Celtic and Rangers. Although Scottish football in recent times is….’questionable’, they’re still huge teams. They’re known across the globe. If you don’t believe me, just look at how many clubs came out to support Celtic across the world when the news of Billy McNeil’s death came out.

  3. They should add throwback teams or all time teams. If they do add it, it should be organized through decades. 80’s,90’s,00’s,etc.

  4. Skyler Prosser Reply

    They need to add the ability to make your team and make your kits

  5. Dave is God Reply

    I'd like if they added a new consumable that you can use on players to make their card the same rated but from their previous club for ex. Neymar=PSG right now consumable used Neymar Barcelona

    comment if you agree

  6. David Schilling Reply

    Columbus Crew (mls team) has a 3rd kit that is literally they're home jersey except all white. So it wouldn't be hard to put a jersey into Microsoft paint and fill in the yellow with white and call that the third jersey

  7. Ali-a clickbait Loool Reply

    You say that they need to Add a face you need to Add a face

  8. Plague11787 Reply

    Lyon fan here: the scans for Depay and Fekir haven't changed in 3 years. Memphis Depay doesnt have tattoos in FIFA19, great for immersion

  9. Kris Collins Reply

    They should include Paul Gallagher's run up where he stands with his back to the ball and walks away then turns and shoots

  10. We should be able to customise our kits every season in cm because if I'm doing a rtg, in reality a team's kit won't stay the same for 10 years. for example I lead Norwich city to champo league winners im not still gonna have my kits made by errea and be sponsered by leo-vegas am I?

  11. Nigel Jones Reply

    I've just subscribed to the channel…I want the usual 8 career mode saves back for a start…why the fuck did they issue only 4 saves..ridiculous

  12. Thank you someone finally said something about they have literally been having the same hairstyle for black players since 2011 like holy fuck.

  13. Stephen Frick Reply

    Does anyone else wish for fifa 20 career mode they would add full seasons stats? They have them for individual games so I think it would be cool to see how many tackles or passes a player had over the season

  14. George Musgrave Reply

    I think EA should add gold PL badges for the team who win the league.

  15. Sir Dextrose Reply

    Bro, you can’t even add Jadon Sancho’s face to your video.

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