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In this Tips & Tricks strategy video, I teach you 7 of the best strategies I’ve used to succeed in Don’t Starve in 2018! If you have any tips you want to share, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below! Enjoy!

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  1. Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams! Reply

    Hey everyone, thanks for watching! I just want to clarify something. A lot of people seem to have a misconception about this video, I'm not trying to teach you the 7 BEST tips to improve in Don't Starve, just 7 tips to help get you started. This video is meant to help players who have just started the game get a handle on things.

    There are better methods of getting stuff than in this video, however this is the simplest for new players. YouTube is chalked full with guides that show you how to min-max every little thing in the game. I just wanted to make something simple to get people off on the right foot. By all means, watch the other guides once you feel comfortable with the game, they can teach you a lot more than I can.

    Have fun, I hope you enjoy the game!

  2. George Justin Reply

    Thank you for the tips. Very appreciated it. Stay safe & stay at home. Greeting from 🇲🇾.

  3. Captain IKY Reply

    I dont like this video because of the fact you called durian a terrible fruit

  4. ScienceSpark Reply

    I am pretty young and new to this game but today I got to day 70 and I'm very happy

  5. Funny thing about spiders if you hit a spider on the web of a tier 2 or three spider den den you might accidentally Spohn warrior spiders are poisonous spiders depending on which DLC you’re playing but if you fight the spiders off of the web then The warrior or poisonous spiders will not Spohn

  6. Amin Momtaheni Reply

    nice video but there is no link to the food combo list!

  7. Selena Recksiedler Reply

    I accidentally found a koalaphant by my base, so I trapped it ( day 10 )

  8. Hjaja Bjka Reply

    Omg thanks. Now I'm gonna practice my dodging. I usually fight without moving at all and you guessed it, i end up dead

  9. Thee Lord Pimple Reply

    Did he just call the tenticals an easy kite?! I'm day 1000 and I still get hit

  10. Mai Adviento Reply

    My first day, I kept pressing x to collect everything and accidentally went into a wormhole and died. It's ok.

  11. You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best. Reply

    Him: The winter boss is actually easy!

    Winters feast winter boss: no no no no

  12. Valdemar Borg Reply

    Pretty good tips, except you recommend farms and campfires, which are a waste of time

  13. There are a key in the keyboard that does atack? like , I can't kite the monsters with mouse

  14. Chris Hughes Reply

    The sanity thing is straight up garbage should take that shit out the game …

  15. screams aa Reply

    These is by far the most useful tips I've heard so far, mostly for my level of playing. I'm far from a newbie to don't starve, but it doesn't mean I don't suck at it lmao. Thanks for existing, and making this video!

  16. shane jett Reply

    Tip No# 4 @ 1:26 is pretty noobish rather than an improvement. Make a torch and run through the night exploring and gathering rather than standing at a campfire singing Kumbaya my lordy and wasting time. Fires are expensive, wasteful and often unnecessary. Burn an isolated tree for light if u MUST stand and do nothing. Make a fire if u need to warm at night in winter, dry from rain/wetness, cook food or fight shadow creatures or deerclops etc.

    The video was otherwise generally OK. U could make a new 7 tips tricks new and improved version. Many of these tips tricks could be expanded upon and better covered.

  17. 2:18 When i fought him his attack reached further than the animation would indicate. Did it change since then?

  18. CrystalKeeper7 Reply

    You can also make a meatball with 4 monster meat and a birdcage. Just feed 3 cooked monster meat to the bird for eggs, put the 3 eggs and monster meat in the crock pot.

  19. Juampi Valdivia Reply

    my tip use commands first for practice all items and arms

  20. Did you know you can stay in a tent at night when u dont have light

  21. 1. die
    2. learn
    3. die
    4. learn
    5. die
    6. learn
    7. dont die anymore


  23. The marsh also homes many green mushrooms that can be used in crockpot recipes and other needs

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