Fizz Mid Gameplay Guide ►0:00 Build 0:05 Runes
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-My name is Adrian
-I’m from Poland

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  1. Eternal Hero Reply

    ►0:00 Build ►0:05 Runes
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  2. 15:21 Eternal say lets go
    15:25 Fizz says come on lets go


  3. Anyone know how to get league installed again from Catalina OSX for Macbook? Mine had issues recently even though i downloaded it way before catalina and it's been working until last week then i reinstalled it and now it doesnt work. People online are saying Catalina OSX doesn't allow League to work.

  4. Dinos Xrysopoulos Reply

    Idk why but your lol gameplay videos are different from all the other videos i see in a good way. So relaxing yet entertaining

  5. can u do guide on teemo top? love ur vids i binge watch them tbh & i would like to learn teemo also i think u should do some series like ur climbing journey or trying off meta things (i know u already do and its awesome) or maybe even funny videos of league for ur viewers

  6. Nurariyon Pandemoniun Reply

    Super desbalancdaso fiz el daño que hace con las runas de rayo es absurdo solo con una q y básico te saca media vida

  7. Metalshaper95 Reply

    I love how these idiots keep to disrespect even after 2 early kills. It just makes the game so orgasmic

  8. AbdulAziz Zakaria Hamouda Reply

    Thank you for this vid I've been waiting for it ;-;
    Also, when do I start with Doran's ring and when do I start corrupting pot

  9. DannnyDevitoDorito69 Reply

    I just picked up fizz recently and this is so helpful, much love from the Netherlands!

  10. Scareprank creepypasta Reply

    If some advices from a fizz-otp are wanted (I'm a fizz otp) 1st you can go w first for lasthits if ahri (specially in that matchup) don't punishes you very hard so you can get at lvl 3 earlier. 2nd always try to kill ahri before 6, if ahri gets 6 she can escape allways even if you hit your r cuz of obviously her r. 3rd you can go sheen then revolver if the lane was fine/if you won most trades and are ahead. Proto first when the lane was bad, if you go proto first when youre ahead your powerspike will delay. To get a earlier powerspike when ahead as I said get sheen+revolver. And 4rth if you have a bad matchup you can allways go for scaling ap in second runes, abs fox and gath storm. The build he did is a early-safekills oriented build. If you want to ult more often go ultimatehunter, you can't work that good with ravenous hunter cuz your abilitys don't have the lifesteal-proq+in MY OPINION you're more useful with r

  11. Lara Ybarra Reply

    Eternal: alright Kha'Zix, bait her
    Kha'Zix: dies
    Eternal: but not like this 🙁

  12. Grand Sensei Reply

    nice video and generally do u play games with ur viewers when they send u invites?

  13. Bart Bartolini Reply

    Eternal i think you are malza, i wanna learn fizz and you go with this wideo! TY!

  14. Patrik Juhász Reply

    Thanks the Guide! After this video I'll try not to feed with Fizz😂🐟🦈

  15. Stoopid Adolescent Reply

    So my mid laner fed this Fizz yesterday and I was using Kayle and doing great but he legit raped me and my team in the end😔

  16. Brim with no Yankee Reply

    Sometime in the future try "Health Leak full Penetration Dark Harvest Fizz"

    Build : liandrys, morelo, voidstaff, magic pen boots, lich bane and mortal reminder (i think it will proc good with all of this although its ad item) or stoo watch
    Runes : dark harvest or aery (for even more leak) and scorch with transcendence.
    Go for as much cdr as you can (i think it will be an easy 30%)

    Good luck

  17. Abdulmajeed al-Hadeethi Reply

    I know playing myself is better but watching your videos is so calming and pleasuring among others…can you do a video about how to build items the best way..I’m new and I struggle sometimes with that. Thanks anyway


    A good fed fizz player most unnoying thing in the entire game

  19. I went ap ivern mid and it was really hard to play,so can you make a tutorial on how to carry whit mid ap ivern.

  20. Andrew Ochoa Reply

    Thank you, that was a quick post after requesting! Much appreciated.

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